Read about Indological Approach of Study of Modernization of Indian Tradition. Guide to Sociology Students. G. S. Ghurye and the Politics of Sociological Knowledge Naicker .. significance to a grand Indological conception of sacred, and indeed sacerdotal, values. scholars are like B.K. Sarkar, G.S. Ghurye, R.K. Mukherjee, K.M. Kapadia, Irawati Ghurye’s Indological Approach hovers around the study of Indian Culture.

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Caste among other religions. Therefore voluntarily they assimilate themselves within the folds of Hindu society. The knowledge of Sanskrit also helps to understand the great culture and philosophical tradition of India. The studies based on texts indologj been conducted by many scholars, such as, BernettDavidFruzzetti and OslorInden and NicholasKhare, Murray, MarriottPocockEckGillDas and Nandi etc.

Indological persepective claims to understand Indian society through the concepts,theories and frameworks that are closely related with indian civilisation.

The wide range of the two principal braches of the Indo-European people and Gburye and other interest of work are like Rajput architecture and funerary monuments, sadhus in India, Sex in America, Shakespeare, Kalidas, Castes, Tribes and Races, metropolitan civilization and so on. They have tremendously enriched the field of Indian sociology. Restriction on food, drinks and social intercourse: Course Overview Sociology Mains Paper 2.

Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Civil and religious disabilities and privileges of different section 5. According to Ghurye hierarchy becomes the major consideration for deciding all these aforesaid variables.


Ghurye utilized literature in sociological studies with his profound knowledge of Sanskrit literature, extensively quoted from Vedas, Shastras, epics and poetry of Kalidasa or Bhavabhuti to shed light on the social and cultural life in India. Unknown May 10, at Eg shift from Agriculture Industries Church School.

Origin of Indian Culture Diffusing and evolving continuously, through length breadth of country Each community has God, own conception of sacred and rituals Aryans arrived with their own culture and negotiated with local gghurye thus creating a fusion of now known as Hindu Traditional Culture.

Ghurye views an urban planner must tackle the problems of sufficient supply of drinking water, human congestion, traffic congestion, regulation of public vehicles, insufficiency of railway transport in cities, erosion of trees, sound pollution, indiscriminate tree felling and plight of the pedestrians.

Civil and religious disabilities expressed the rigidity of the caste system. Key Words Indology, Indoogy, Hindu tradition, caste, race, ghirye and kinship system, caste system, Indological approach, sociological approach, Indic studies, oriental and caste and race in India.

Idea of Indian Village. The membership is ascribed in character, i. Caste and Race in India summarized which is one of the best books of G. Geographical Spread of Tribes. Ghurye’s rigor and discipline is indllogy in Indian sociological circles.

Indological or Textual Perspective of Sociology – Explained

Unknown December 9, at Respect by work not due to accidental birth o Krishna born Kshatriya lived as Yadav o Valmiki born shudra became Brahmarishi Brahmins were those aware of divine presence in every entity, dedicated life for indologyy happiness. There are two approaches to the study of Indian society; one is Indological and other is Sociological approach.


To develop Indological perspective he studied Vedas, Shastras and poetry of Kalidas plus similar traditional texts – thus a classical sociologist.

According to the roles assigned they have to perform it. The use of the Indological approach during the early formative years of Indian sociology and social anthropology is seen in the works of S.

He studied caste in attributional manner in terms of its various 6 features namely Division of Labour, principle of purity pollution, hierarchy, civil and religious disability, hereditary nature and endogamy. S Ghurye Abstract The objective of this paper is to explain the various terms related to Indological or textual perspective of G. These scholars emphasized the role of traditions, groups rather than individual as the basis of social relations and religion, ethics and philosophy as the basis of social organization.

Social classes in India.

He also headed the Bombay anthropological society for some years. So in many rural areas, one part of a village started functioning into a market. Biography and Contribution to Sociology. Ghurye studies caste system from a historical, comparative and integrative perspective; later he did comparative study for kinship in Indo- European cultures. Modernization of Indian Tradition. Order are aspects like caste, religion village, tribe and urbanisation.

Indology is also older than Sociology.