Reglamento Inpres Cirsoc TomoII – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Argentinean Standard – INPRES-CIRSOC [8]. □ Brazilian Standard – NBR [9]. Some details concerning the application of. Simulación Numérica del Análisis Sísmico Estático en Edificios según INPRES- CIRSOC

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The HE 1 and HE 0 justification reports have been updated in the This can be indicated in the drawing preferences option in the Job menu.

Gas supply is a program created to analyse, design, size and check network, branched and mixed gas networks. The type of element used is based on the overlap of two locally decoupled elements: Inrpes activating it, a dialogue box opens where users can define the required resistance, the compartmentation of the floors with or without compartmentation and the coatings of the cirsocc elements.

Users can use this catalogue to import the linear thermal transmittance value of the selected thermal bridge by defining the thermal bridges manuallyand choosing it amongst those defined in the catalogue.


The program contains an option which users can use to view the shells in 3D. Shells are flat two-dimensional elements with constant thickness and without openings, whose perimeter is defined by a polygon.

More information can be found on the webpage. They can be viewed filled in or simply their outline can be displayed.

Mecánica Computacional

Now, with the The analyses are carried out by choosing the 2 closest province capitals, whose climate data is going to be used to obtain the ciraoc values on the horizontal surface depending on the orientation and average monthly external temperature. As of the Detailed information can be found in the previous sections:. Software for ArchitectureEngineering and Construction. As of previous versions, users could introduce loads along the top of the wall horizontal -Q- vertical -N- and moment -M.

Shells are introduced in the global stiffness matrix of the structure using a three-dimensional finite element model composed of six-node quadratic triangular flat shells. In previous versions, the results for the ventilation, if present, were taken automatically, whilst the results ijpres the solar thermal energy and lighting of the other tabs were not taken into account in the HE 1 and HE 0 analyses.


The default value for this ratio is 1.

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Now as of the This program can be found in the Building services menu. Improvements of the codes indicated below have been implemented or included in the application.

The reports have been improved and different graphs have been included to offer a global view of the results. The loads can be introduced at any phase and the program automatically and simultaneously takes them into account in all the following phases. In the case of Cantilever walls, the load can be defined as a permanent or live load, as occurs with the loads applied 013 the top of the wall.