Article about Renishaw’s Stonehouse factory written by world leading magazine Modern Machine Shop. References. [1]. K. Patorski, M. Kujawińska, L. Salbut „Interferometria Laserowa z Automatyczną Analizą Obrazu“ OWPW, Warszawa, Google Scholar. [2]. Interferometria laserowa z automatyczną analizą obrazu. K Patorski, M Kujawińska, L Sałbut. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, 46,

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Interferometry explained

Two-shot fringe pattern phase-amplitude demodulation using Gram-Schmidt orthonormalization with Hilbert-Huang pre-filtering M Trusiak, K Patorski Optics express 23 4, The following articles are merged in Scholar. Stonehouse, stripped to a shell, presented engineers with a clean slate for laying out an ideal machining facility.

There are different interferometer set up’s based on Michelson’s principle, however, the linear set up is the simplest type to explain. The system can’t perform the operation now. The following graph on the right provides an example of the error in an uncompensated interferometry system and the source of these errors.

The probe is doubly significant. Stonehouse demonstrates that with an intelligent strategy and a strong commitment, any manufacturer should be able to keep production on its own turf.

New articles related to this author’s research. Laserowy system XL [pl] Broszura: Recent development in instrumentation of automated grating interferometry M Kujawinska, L Salbut Optica Applicata 25 3, Its accuracy has later been improved with the invention of lasers. Evolution of the Renishaw Productivity System This white paper from Renishaw shows how the company arrived at its highly successful approach to precision manufacturing.

RAMTIC system still ticking

laaerowa Environmental compensation is NOT required for angular or straightness measurements when using a Renishaw laser system. Environmental compensation Without reliable and accurate wavelength compensation, errors of 20 ppm – 30 ppm would be common in linear measurement readings when variations of temperature, humidity and pressure for nominal values are combined even if the test conditions remain stable.


Applications, Effective and efficient manufacturing could be virtually locked in during the design phase. Working with these machines has given engineers insight into new process control techniques. The artifact is calibrated on a CMM before being stored on a machine.

These interferometriw been modified to include a transfer mechanism for shuttling the dovetail pallet fixtures and an indexer featuring a triangular base held horizontally between centers for three-sided machining of the pallets. Talbot interferometry with increased shear K Patorski Applied optics 24 24, Incoherent superimposition of multiple self-imaging under plane wave-front illumination K Patorski Applied optics 25 14, International Conference on Applied Optical Metrology, The system interferometrua perform the operation now.

Krzysztof Patorski – Google Scholar Citations

The carrousels are now fully enclosed, but are essentially the same inside. Whereas RAMTIC can be seen as an example of process control applied at the machine level, the larger Renishaw Productivity System can be seen as the essential foundation that makes process control possible and effective on a factory-wide basis.

No matter how good your laser unit is i. Thus, the carrousel delivers all of the required tools and all of the parts at the same time. The building, which formerly housed an injection molding plant, is located a few miles from interferomertia headquarters. How does it work?

Renishaw calls this fundamental methodology the Renishaw Productivity System. Any error detected can be used to derive a scaling factor to correct other measurements made on the machine.

New articles by this author. Hence, the optical interferometry has been a valuable measurement technique for more than a hundred years. I the self-imaging phenomenon and its applications K Patorski Progress in optics 27, Probing plays lasdrowa critical role in the machining strategies established on the VMCs, lathes and turn-mills.

These highly automated systems essentially laseroea themselves, but they cannot achieve consistently predictable results unless sources of variation are constantly kept under control.


Laser interferometry is a well established method for measuring distances with great accuracy. News updates Register for regular news updates from Renishaw. Because the wavelength of interferomehria visible light is very short, small changes in the differences in the optical paths distance travelled between the two beams can intetferometria detected as these differences will produce noticeable changes in the interference pattern.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

Hankins believes that turn-mill and other types of multi-tasking machines may represent the next generation of machining platforms that will ultimately supplant the RAMTIC cells. About 5, different parts are produced here in quantities totaling abouta month. Optics and lasers in Engineering 36 2, The use of retroreflectors ensures that the beams coming from the reference and measurement arms are parallel when they recombine with each other at the beam splitter.

The system also serves as a template that other companies can follow to revitalize their own manufacturing operations from the ground up. Much was at stake in this move. Interferometry applied In order to generate an interference pattern with high precision distinct fringesit is very important to have a single highly stable wavelength source, which is achieved using the XL laser. Digital in-plane electronic speckle pattern shearing interferometry K Patorski, AG Olszak Optical engineering 36 7, Fraunhofer diffraction patterns of titled planar objects K Patorski Optica Acta: In any case, the Renishaw Productivity System serves as a proven framework for evaluating new options for part processing and further integration of machine tool probing.