Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It is one of the Savoy operas and is the seventh of. : Gilbert & Sullivan – Iolanthe / Forrester, Donkin, Stratford Festival: Maureen Forrester, Eric Donkin, Marie Baron, Paul Massel, Katharina Megli. Iolanthe. Brenda’s modified script. Iolanthe, or Oilanthe. MIDI Files. Click on one of them and it should start playing. These are the original titles, not Brenda’s.

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But the Lord Chancellor? Well, but — that would account for a good many things. Featured Jobs Near You. What means this mirth unseemly That shakes the listening earth?

Yes ; we influence the members, and compel them to vote just as he wishes them to.

Full text of “Iolanthe”

Kise, thou art pardoned I lo. I don’t so much mind for myself, but with a House of Peers with no grand- fathers worth mentioning the country must go to the dogs. The opera satirises many aspects of British government, law and society. When tempests wreck thy bark.

An illustrated booklet, A Parody on Iolanthewas written and published by D. It is rude, madam. It is rude, madam, To intrude, madam, With your brood, madam — Brazen-fitced! But my difficulty is, that at present there’s no evidence before the court that chorused Nature has interested herself in the matter.

You see, down to the waist I’m a Tory of the most determined descrip- tion, but my legs are a couple of confounded Radicals, and on a division they’d be kolanthe to take me into the wrong lobby.


But her “rival” iolajthe out to be none other than Strephon’s own mother, Iolanthe, a fairy — fairies never grow old.

Not even to oblige a gentleman? It couldn’t have been the sparrows. Well, you get some repose in the form of a scripf, with hot eye- balls and head ever aching, But your slumbering teems with such horrible dreams that you’d very much better be waking ; For you dream you are iolantue the Channel, and tossing like mad in a steamer from Harwich ; Which is something between a large bathing-machine and a very small second-class carriage ; And iokanthe giving a treat penny ice and cold meat to a party of friends and relations — They’re a ravenous horde, and they all come on board at Sloane Square and South Kensington stations ; And bound on that journey you find your attorney who started that morning from Devon ; He’s a bit undersized, and you don’t feel surprised when he tells you he’s only eleven.

As upon its lordly way This unique procession passes I Tantantara!

Iolanthe: ‘It deserves to be as fruity as we can possibly make it’

Whigs and Tories dim their glories. The House of Lords is certainly extremely atten- tive. I have no reason to suppose that I am more curious than other people, but I confess I should like to see a person who is a fairy down to the waist, but whose legs are mortal. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat Oh give her back to us, great queen — for your sake, if not for ours. Views Read Edit View history. I’m yours for life, if you but choose.

Is it injudicious to marry scrippt mortal? What astonished me was how current the issues are. Her band of fairies are far feistier than the men and have the upper hand throughout. Gilbert presented his basic idea for a new opera to Arthur Sullivan in October Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians.


With Strephon for your foe, nc doubt A fearful prospect opens out ; And who shall say What evils may Result in consequence? Gilbert had taken pot shots at the aristocracy before, but in this “fairy opera,” the House of Lords is lampooned as a bastion of the ineffective, privileged and dim-witted. The Lord Chancellor hesitates to act upon his own regard for Phyllis due svript his position as her guardian.

For him — for her — for thee, I yield my life I Behold! DVD’s of most shows are available for you to view and use as inspiration for your own Production.

Once more thy vows are broken: I can make myself invisible down to the waist, but that’s of no use when my legs remain exposed to view. Oh, many a man in Friendship’s name Has yielded fortune, rank, and fame. Ah I but, my good sir, you mustn’t tell us what she told you ; it’s not evidence. Every heart and every hand In our loving little band Welcomes thee to Fairyland, lolanthe! She’ll be a countess, will she not?