Synonyms: IRGANOX ;IRGANOX WL;Einecs ; ANTIOXIDANT ;ylester,calciumsalt();ANTIOXIDANT (IRGANOX );calciuM. Irganox® Recommended use of the chemical and restriction on use. Recommended use*: stabilizer. Unsuitable for use: This material is. Used as an antioxidant for polypropylene fibers. Offers good processing stability. Provides very high extraction resistance and extreme low volatility.

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The alkylene diols are preferably linear and preferably contain 2 to 4 carbon atoms. Polycarbonate and polyester blends modified with polyorganosiloxane graft polymers combined with diene rubber-based graft polymers.

Preferred light stabilisers are those of organox 2. FR Ref legal event code: Preferably n is 1 or 2 and, most preferably, 1. Liquid phase polyols which are alkylene oxide adducts of terephthalic 1452 from recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

Suitable aliphatic dicarboxylic acids are those containing 2 to 40 carbon atoms, typically suberonic urganox, oxalic acid, malonic acid, dimethylmalonic acid, succinic acid, octadecylsuccinic acid, pimelic acid, adipic acid, trimethyladipic acid, sebacic acid, azelaic acid and dimer acids dimerisation products of unsaturated aliphatic carboxylic acids such as oleic acidalkylated malonic and succinic acids such as octadecylsuccinic acid.

Metal deactivators, for example N,N’-diphenyloxamide, N-salicylal-N’-salicyloyl hydrazine, N,N’-bis salicyloyl hydrazine, N,N’-bis 3,5-di-tert-butylhydroxyphenyl- propionyl hydrazine3-salicyloylamino-l,2,4-triazole, bis benzylidene oxalyl di- hydrazide, oxanilide, isophthaloyl dihydrazide, sebacoyl bisphenylhydrazide, N,N’-di- acetyladipoyl dihydrazide, N,N’-bis salicyloyl oxalyl dihydrazide, N,N’-bis salicyloyl – thiopropionyl dihydrazide. A process is disclosed for increasing the molecular weight of polyesters, polyester copolymers or polyester blends, which comprises heating a polyester blended with a tetracarboxylic irgsnox dianhydride and a sterically hindered hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half-ester to above the melting point glass transition temperature of the polyester.


Year of fee payment: A mixture with polyethylene wax is a preferred form of addition, especially when using the metal salts of the phenol.


Table 1 relating to Examples of this invention addition of tetracarboxylic dianhydride and hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half-ester shows a marked increase in intrinsic viscosity, thereby indicating an increase in molecular weight.

Internet Crime Complaint Center – International Financial Scams This site is never involved in any transaction, and does not handle payments, shipping, guarantee transactions, irganod escrow services, or offer “buyer protection” or “seller certification”. AT Kind code of ref document: The aromatic dicarboxylic acids are preferred, including in particular terephthalic acid and isophthalic acid.

Tetracarboxylic dianhydrides useful within the scope of this invention are those of formula. A further preferred form comprises the polyester recyclates originating from domestic and industrial irgannox or from useful material collections, from production waste or from obligatory retumables.

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The amounts and 14425 results obtained are set forth in Table 3. B1 Designated state s: Safe Trade Tips Ask for business references and check them Use a payment method that offers better protection for all such as Letters of credit and verified professional escrow services. Aromatic diols will be understood as meaning those in which two hydroxyl groups are bonded to one or to different aromatic hydrocarbon radicals. The polyesters may also be branched with minor amounts, typically 0.

Ref legal event code: The invention further relates to the use of a mixture comprising a tetracarboxylic dianhydride and a sterically hindered hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half- ester for increasing the molecular weight of polyesters and, in particular of polyester recyclates. DE Ref legal event code: Krganox process can be carried out in any heatable apparatus fitted with a stirrer.

Preferred tetracarboxylic dianhydrides are those containing aromatic rings. Polyester recyclates consist primarily of PET hollow objects, especially PET bottle materials of different provenance and having a varying degree of damage. Unsubstituted or substituted alkylidene is exemplified by: A process according to any one of claims 1 to 5, which comprises using 0.


Those skilled in the art will irgznox familiar with these co-stabilisers, which will be chosen in accordance with the specific requirement made of the final product. The amounts and the results obtained are set forth in Table 2. It is generally known to enhance the material properties of used polyesters, irganod.

Impact-modified thermoplastics resin molding compositions irgano articles molded therefrom. Illustrative examples Of bisphenols are: The procedure of Examples is repeated. The co-compatibilisers may be copolymers of ethylene and propylene and a third optional monomer irtanox, e. CH Free format text: Esters of substituted and unsubstituted benzoic acids, as for example 4-tertbutyl- phenyl salicylate, phenyl salicylate, octylphenyl salicylate, dibenzoyl resorcinol, bis 4- tert-butylbenzoyl resorcinol, benzoyl resorcinol, 2,4-di-tertbutylphenyl 3,5-di-tert-butyl- 4-hydroxybenzoate, hexadecyl 3,5-di-tert-butylhydroxybenzoate, octadecyl 3,5-di-tert- butylhydroxybenzoate, 2-methyl-4,6-di-tert-butylphenyl 3,5-di-tert-butylhydroxy- benzoate.

Table 3 relating to Examples of this invention addition of tetracarboxylic dianhydride and hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester or half -ester shows a marked increase in intrinsic viscosity, thereby indicating an increase in molecular weight.

Antioxidant Irganox 1425 (Irganox 1425)

Kind code of ref document: In particular, light stabilisers or also antioxidants can be added “Plastics Additives Handbook”, Ed. A process according to claim 1, which comprises using a metal salt of the sterically hindered hydroxyphenylalkylphosphonic acid ester urganox admixture with a polyethylene wax.

UV absorbers and light stabilisers 2. The present invention relates to a process for increasing the molecular weight of polyesters and to the polyesters obtainable by said process.