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Anna University 8th Semester – Results Announ These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them. All answfrs tags in HTML program are optional, however the file should be saved in. What are the DOM methods? The second way is the domain name service, which is a distributed database containing all registered hostnames on the Internet and their IP addresses.

When you enter a keyword, the search engine examines its online database and presents to you a listing of sites that, in theorymatch your search criteria.

How would you make all text on a page green and a little larger than normal, but make all headings yellow? Explain array creation in Java script with example.

Newer Post Older Post Home. What is the difference between node and host? Proxy servers are related to firewalls prevents hosts on a network from making direct connections to the outside world, a proxy server can act as a go-between. It is really helpful for a newbie like me.


What are wev types of web services and its uses? It order to avoid this problem domain names are used.

ALINK — Changes the default color of a hyperlink that is activated to whatever color is specified with this tag. This isknown as Stateless Connection. How would you write the HTML to draw a rule 20 pixels wide?

How would you wrap text around the right side of an image, leaving 40 pixels of space between the image and the text?

Anna University – Proposals for joint Research Pro A zone that enables the server to direct traffic to itself. It identifies an object on the Internet. EC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers— How do you make a new paragraph in HTML?

Keep visiting this blog for new updates It uses MIME to encode data. What do you mean by well-known ports?

What tecbnology the necessities of using HTML forms? List down the way of including style information in a document. Give syntax of relative URLs 3. A port is a logical channel to an application running on a host. A table is a two dimensional matrix, consisting of rows and columns.


It is a communication channel between web browser and web server. A node is any addressable device connected to a network whereas the host is a more specific descriptor that refers to a networked general-purpose computer rather than a single purpose device such as a printer. Each time a request is made to the server, it is as ifthere was no prior connection and each request can yield only a single document.


Frames are used to call many html files at the same time. Develop a Rational number class. How could you insert exactly 80 pixels of blank space between two paragraphs of text? What are the issues of next generation IP?

IT Web Technology 2 Marks and 16 Marks with Answers – John Joseph Edition

One way to translate a hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text aith. How do you make a graphic a link? Are you a CSE student? Port numbers can range from 1 tohowever ports 1 to are reserved. Bharathiar University – B.

Anna University – M. It can be anwsers equal to a list of values. T – Semester 5 Lecture Notes and E-books Arch Application Forms issued What is meant by a XML namespace? URI Uniform Resource Identifier is a string of characters in a particular syntax that identifies a resource.