Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB. Authors: Rod Johnson Written for architects and developers, this guide presents alternatives to EJB and . I was excited to see J2EE Development without EJB come across my desk at work. This is the new book by Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller. Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB shows Java developers and Rod Johnson is an enterprise Java architect with extensive experience in the.

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Expert One-on-One™ J2EE™ Development without EJB™ [Book]

Rod can be contacted at expert interface The Trouble with Distributed Objects Know What Problems to Solve 2. Stateless Session Beans with Local Interfaces 3. Object Distribution, Clusters, and Farms HJK 1, 7 All of the above answers add important information to the question but misses on one critical point. Original Java Pet Store 3. Programmatic Transaction Management Request permission to reuse content from this site.


Deciding When to Use Mock Objects The Hands-off Architect 4. Avoiding OSS Hell 5.

Hide Implementation Details Although over the years this architectural style proved bad. Chapter 16 The Sample Application.

The Sample Devrlopment 3. Simple Things Can Be Hard 5. Account Options Sign in. Avoid Tests with Side-effects Caching and Code Optimization The Core Bean Factory 7. Model and View Handling Flaws in the EJB Model Accessing and Exporting Hessian and Burlap Services Then the authors guideyou through alternatives to EJB that you can use sevelopment create higherquality applications faster and at lower cost — both agilemethods as well as new classes of tools that have evolved over thepast few years.

Email Required, but never shown. The Simplicity Dividend 4.

A Word on ASP. Basic Controller Workflow Ahmet Karakaya 6, 14 55 Lightweight Containers and Inversion of Control 6.

Expert One-on-One™ J2EE™ Development without EJB™

Service Layers Compared 3. Competition versus Command 5. Refactor into Methods to Allow Overriding NET “Serviced Components” 3.


Hewas the J2EE architect of one of Europe’s largest developmment portals, andhe has worked as a consultant on a wide range of projects. Resistance to Simplification 4. He obtained a Ph. EJB Under the Spotlight 1. EJB Instance Pooling 5. Avoid Unnecessary Architectural Complexity 2. To be fair to EJB specs and the guys working hard on it to improve, they certainly have made fair progress in the past decade and they are much modern and developer friendly.

Better Solutions for Higher Productivity 2. Tools and Complexity 4. Should We Intercept Fields?

Consistent Naming Conventions 8. Added to Your Shopping Cart.