Burroughs’ ‘Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment’ provides practical, biblical ways to remedy the spiritual disease of a spirit of discontentment. pp. ~Jeremiah Burroughs~ The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Edinburgh, Scotland; The Banner of Truth Trust; ) p. Find more. The Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment [Jeremiah Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A classic work on contentment in a.

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One drop of the sweetness of heaven is enough to take away all the sourness neremiah bitterness of all the afflictions in the world. Notify me of new comments via email. Whatsoever we meddle with in the worship of God must be what we have a warrant for out of the Word of God.

Jeremiah Burroughs Quotes (Author of The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment)

His future seemed bright. In his view, it was more difficult to learn contentment when facing plenty and abundance than when in want and need.

Home About Quotes A. God is his all in all. Yes, it is made over to you by faith: Thank you for posting this it certainly answers the question.

How Jeremiah Burroughs Learned Contentment

You can find them on the top menu on the home page. Is God about to break my heart, and to bring my heart down to Him? It is but one side of a Christian to endeavour to do what pleases God; you must as well endeavour to be pleased with what God does, and so you will come to be a complete Christian when you can do both, and that is the first thing in the excellence of this grace of contentment.

This was especially difficult for Burroughs, for he left behind many friends and earthly goods. You are commenting using your WordPress. Inhe was formally deprived of his living, and was sheltered by the Earl of Warwick. And this Head likewise will be somewhat long. You will say, Can I have the strength of Christ? Pink Athanasius Augustine B. Find more Jeeremiah resources here.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have just posted the first batch of Old Guy profiles that I hope you will find helpful! Further, he was a patriot who loved England. Burroughs and other Puritan ministers felt this violated their convictions of the sanctity of the Sabbath. Subscribe via Email Today!

See all the deals at the link in bio. Join 4, other followers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Please go to http: Though you cannot tell how to bear it with your own strength, yet how can you tell what you will do with the strength of Jesus Christ? That is a mystery, but grace instructs men in that mystery, grace enables men to see love in the very frown of God’s face, and so come to receive contentment.

And there is a great deal of excellencie in Contentment; that’s a kind of Lesson too for us to learn. Nothing keremiah the world will quiet the heart so much as this: Carl Trueman says of it: However, this did not prevent him from entering the ministry, and after serving two years as curate at All Saints Church, Stisted, he was appointed lecturer at Bury St.

One reason for this is his view of contentment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This was somewhat disappointing to him, since it was a small country church, and he felt there might be less opportunity to do good than at the larger town of Bury.

But imagine that same sermon being given by a man whose wife and only daughter were killed two years ago in an automobile accident, and whose only son has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Preview — Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs. I just asked the Lord in prayer a day or so ago, exactly what does it mean to be content.

Although he experienced other trials not being married until aboutremaining childless, and especially receiving vitriolic attacks by enemies who sought to undermine his ministry through slanderous treatises written against himhis character remained jjeremiah exemplary that nearly all the Puritan ministers remarked about his peaceable and godly spirit. The Christian, he taught, must never allow earthly goods to possess his heart, but rather must allow such things to convey to him the goodness of Christ: Was the creature anything to you but a conduit, jeremaih pipe, that conveyed God’s goodness to burroughs The and brown and beige editions of Calvin’s Commentaries from Baker Book House are some of the nicest out there, fit for Calvin’s expository faithfulness that has stood the test of time.


You will likely listen and benefit from the sermon.

Jeremiah Burroughs – What Is Contentment? | The Old Guys

Nevertheless, in he became the vicar of Tivetshall, and served there for several years. The object of his faith is high enough to satisfy his soul, were it capable of a thousand times more than it is.

We know that one drop of sourness, or one drop of gall will make bitter a great deal of it; but if you put a spoonful of gall into a cup of sugar, it will embitter conttentment. What contentment is, II. He recognized that God was in his circumstances, and His intentions are always good: Several lessons that Christ teacheth, jermeiah work the heart to contentment, IV.

Jeremiah Burroughs was born in East Anglia, England, in I know I am where God would have me. They can see no such thing; perhaps they think God loves them when he prospers them and makes them rich, but they think God loves them not when he afflicts them.