Does Jim Stoppani’s 12 Week Shortcut To Size workout live up to the hype? Read our review of Jim Stoppani’s programme to learn more. Jim Stoppani, Ph. D SHORTCUT TO SIZE Edited by Doyu Hevenliff gymgymgym Shortcut To Size: Phase 1, Week 1, Day 1 Day one of Shortcut. Shortcut to Size. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Workout Routine. Popular Pages. p. 1. SIZE SIZE SHORTCUT ILDING.

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Shortcut to Size includes a precise, three-phase nutrition plan engineered to help you build muscle for six solid weeks. We’ve made some pretty awesome changes we think you’ll like. He’s helped millions transform their lives, shorycut now it’s your turn! The program includes four workouts per week, plus full workout and exercise videos, diet help, and tracking.

Join All Access today to unlock the app for this fitness plan, and many stoppaji, in the Apple and Google Play stores! This is the start of Phase 2.

And in week four you bump the weight up again to drop reps down to per set. In men, I have seen gains of strength over 90 pounds on the squat and over 50 pounds on the bench press. To provide yourself the type of longlasting energy that will get you through these grueling workouts, without adding body fat, you should focus mainly on slow-digesting carbs. To do this, reach muscle failure on the last set, then rack the weight and rest 15 seconds.

The first exercise you do for each muscle group except for abs and calves will remain constant throughout all 12 weeks. Greater gains in strength and muscle mass are guaranteed with this program. Maximizing Muscle Growth — During weeks one and two of each phase of the program, you will do one rest-pause on the last set of each exercise.


You can cancel auto-renew and manage your subscription at any time by tapping “Manage Subscriptions” within the app.

Please view our Terms of Use for further information: It’s perfect for you commitment-phobes out there. The plan includes four workouts per week, plus full workout videos throughout week one so you can see how Jim trains.

Even other fruits that are low-glycemic or slow-digesting, such as apples, berries, oranges, etc… make a good carb choice when you wake.

Also keep snacks after dinner to just protein and healthy fats.

Those are the four microcycles that you will repeat. To do this, take the sttoppani set to muscle failure then immediately reduce the weight to the amount you used for that exercise during week 1, and continue the set until failure again. Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension.

‎Shortcut to Size Jim Stoppani on the App Store

Research studies confirm that when athletes consume slow-digesting carbs such as fruit and whole grains earlier in the day, such as at breakfast and lunch, they have more energy for workouts and can workout harder for longer, in addition they burn more fat during exercise and at rest sitting around. Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip. You can mix it up and find foods that best suit your tastes and schedule.

Your annual or monthly subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours at the end of each subscription cycle. These results include greater strength, bigger muscles, and less body fat.

Jim Stoppani’s Week Shortcut To Size |

Now, when you look at a workout plan on your phone, pad, or desktop computer, you will see the exact same thing. And in week 8, or week 4 of phase 2, weight will go up to limit reps to per set.


Many last anywhere from 4 to 12 months to complete the cycle. They measured their muscle mass, body fat and strength on bench presses, lat pulldowns, barbell curls, and leg extensions before and after the 12 weeks. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Most periodized programs take many months to complete. View product descriptions, ratings, and reviews directly in the app Learn about supplements like protein and creatine Easily make your purchase right from the app so you can get back to the weight rack Additional bug fixes.

This also happens to be the reason why you will go with a slow-digesting protein, like casein right before bed. Training is just half the equation and nutrition is equally, if not more important for realizing your goals. Then have breakfast one hour after the postworkout meal.

Shortcut to Size

But now you will be sfoppani to do each rep range with at least 5 and up to 20 pounds more than you could in Phase 1. Women following my program have increased their squat strength by over 60 pounds, and bench press strength by 30 pounds. This program is based on the training concept called periodization. Yes, pure muscle, while actually dropping body fat. The very first periodized scheme to be used with weights is called Linear Periodization also known as Classc Periodization.

But this periodized program utilizes a concept known as microcycles.