Nagano, in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is located at the basin of the Chikuma-gawa River that runs through the Zenko-ji-daira Plateau. It developed. Host of the Winter Olympics, Nagano is an outdoor sports mecca particularly famous for skiing and snowboarding. Often called the “roof of Japan,” it boasts. The rugged and forested Kiso Valley in southwestern Nagano is a fascinating step back in time. The area is home to the best-preserved section of the old.

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From airport to destination Search route by jjto Enter station name From Search route by station Enter station name From Shiga Kogen is one of the giants of the Japanese ski areas and is actually one of the largest ski resort areas in the world.

Kiso Valley | Nagano Attractions | Japan Travel | JNTO

It developed as a temple town for Zenko-ji Temple, that is said to have been built at the beginning of the 7th century. The Matsumoto City Hakari-kan is a former warehouse of the Tanaka family, a weights and measures shop that was established in that now serves as a museum exhibiting a collection of measuring tools.

By simply entering the departing and arrival station, get an overview of train transfer method, fares, jnnto travel time. Stay in the city to visit Zenkoji Temple or take a short journey out of the center for world-class ski resorts, snow monkeys and other attractions that include a ninja park and a densely forested shrine.

There are a number of resorts along a 30km stretch of mountains, including Happo-one, Iwatake, Tsugaike Kogen, Hakuba 47 and Hakuba Goryu. Many climbers also visit these mountains in winter for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing.

It is best in the evening, when the old buildings are lit with glowing lanterns. Cancel Search routes by area Search a different route.


The Omote-Sando area was renovated at the time of the Nagano Olympics inand it is lined with buildings in both Japanese and western architectural styles, all arranged in a modern manner. If you continue to browse, you accept the use of jnti on our site. Nagano Suwa Taisha Shrine Nagano-ken. It houses what is said to be Japan’s first Buddha image, brought to the country jmto the 6th century, though it has been hidden away for over a millennium.

Explore the Hokusaikan Museum.

The Yatsugatake Mountains present you with plenty of outdoor and backcountry pleasures in all seasons, from trekking and cycling to skiing and snowshoeing.

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Head a kilometer up the hill from Harumiya, and you’ll arrive at Dokuzawa Onsen, a stunning bath with rust-hued mineral waters. Pickled mustard leaf that is often eaten with a little soy sauce and sometimes chili, Nozawana-zuke is particularly famous where it originated, in the hot spring town of Nozawa.

Get caught up in the festive side of Japan. Kayaking Lake Shizenko in Otaki Village will take you through a remote canyon towering above as you paddle along. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. A great treat after a day on the slopes or at any time. Don’t miss jntl ceiling he painted at Ganshoin Temple about a kilometer away.

You could also make detours from the lakeside to visit some, or all, of the Suwa Taisha Shrine. Much like Niigata to the north, Nagano has built a reputation for brewing nwgano drinkable sake that can be delicate, complex and fruity.

Explore Kiso Fukushima, the halfway point on the Nakasendo. Get on a bike and explore Lake Suwa. Shinshu tsumugi is made from a combination of raw, wild dupion and floss silk. If you plan on traveling from Osaka and Kyoto, you’ll have to make two transfers at Nagoya Station and again at Shiojiri Station. Resorts are found throughout the Nagano mountains, but the biggest resort areas are Hakuba, Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen.


Nagano Yudanaka Onsen Nagano-ken. Nagano Fujimi Panorama Nsgano Nagano-ken. Summer As the green season comes into full swing, enjoy hiking, mountain biking and kayaking in the great outdoors. Onbashira Festival devotees are infamous for nxgano the pillars all the way down the mountain slope.

Obuse is famous for chestnuts, and its cafes offer amazing chestnut confectionaries and cakes. Omine Castle to the northeast of town en route to Togakushi originally dates from the s. These regions are bestowed with some of nahano best quality powder snow in the world, with most nagani resorts receiving an average nagank of 10 to 15 meters each season.

We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Seeking out the keys of enlightenment at the bustling Zenkoji Temple Strolling among towering cedars at Togakushi-jinja Shrine Chestnut sweets, local sake and Hokusai’s wood block prints in charming Obuse. Nagano Kamisuwa Onsen Nagano-ken.

Skiing & Snowboarding in Japan

Used for kimono, the textile patterns include stripes, checks and splashes. The Tohoku region comprises six northern Honshu prefectures and the resorts are more scattered, with the main popular resorts being Appi Kogen and Shizukuishi in Iwate Prefecture. See our cookies policy for more information. Finding them is said to be nagabo fast track to enlightenment.