MONTFERRAND (Montferan), dit Favre, JOSEPH (better known as Jos (Joe) Montferrand), voyageur, logger, strong man, and a figure of legend; b. 25 Oct. Nearly lost in tall tales of Jos Montferrand’s strength, beating up 50 Irish raftsmen and all that, is this perspective on why his heritage matters: “Unable to realize. Jos Montferrand (b at Montréal ; died at Montréal ). Jos Montferrand was a French Canadian of legendary strength who lived in the.

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Because he was the strongest and quickest, Montferrand was king. What did the lumberjacks eat? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His feet and legs bulged like two mammoth black stumps sawed close to the ground. With his nine children, Joseph-Louis had numerous descendants, the eldest of whom, Joseph, enjoyed some renown as a boxer at the beginning of the 20 th century.

There is also a Rue de Montferrand in Quebec City, and a downtown park in Montreal commemorates the name of one of its most illustrious native sons. For months on end the men were busy felling trees, getting up at dawn and slaving away until nightfall.

Joseph Montferrand – Wikipedia

With one punch he knocked him out. This image may not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. The legend has not died out. Judging by the text of Laurier quoted above, it would appear that his biography follows that tradition more closely than those of Montpetit and Sulte, and that it was not influenced by the post clerico-nationalist ideology.

Jos Montferrand, Legendary Figure of the Ottawa Valley

This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights. Laurier, inwas the first prose writer to attempt to popularize the hero. This would be a interesting topic for further research. And so begins the story of Larose Forest, b Well before his death, Montferrand was enshrined in a legend that was to embellish his life and magnify his exploits. Montferrand grew up in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of St.

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Our hypothesis would be that the more a society feels weak and threatened the more it clings to giants. As historian Benjamin Sulte tells the story, it was a horrible scene.

With a natural flair for making people laugh, this passionate comedian loves the stage and lives for the mome Unable to realize their visions, French Canadians, between andbuilt a symbolic country in their ideology, their legends, their literature, and their art.

Many of the attackers found themselves in the water and blood was flowing from the parapet into the Ottawa River. Laughead of the Red River Lumber Company first associated Montferrand with the celebrated Paul Bunyan, the legendary American hero, in material written for the company. In a hilarious look at this larger-than-life legend, our two hosts debate on the real vs.

Joseph Montferrand

montfwrrand Closer examination of the culture of lumber workers in the Ottawa Valley in the first half of the 19 th century helps us to understand why Montferrand was drawn to this way of life. Joseph Montferrand, dit Favre, better known as Jos Montferrand, is still considered one of the greatest figures of French Canadian legend.

As there is no collection of legends, it is impossible to follow the development of the oral tradition. But instead of letting it get her down, she pushed herself to train, even participating in the Paralympic Winter Games in Russia.

Around he retired to Montreal to a house on Rue Sanguinet. This description of the real individual and of the legendary hero is based on Benjamin Sulte, Histoire de Jos. The Ottawa native has had an exceptional career. He successfully challenged several famed boxers during his youth. Note that a few countries jso copyright terms longer than 70 years: George Monteiro has analysed the Montferrand legend in the United States.

We only joss the introduction to the biography which contains a picturesque description of the town of Montreal. Montferrand spent the remainder of his working years in the lumber trade in the Outaouais. Laurier proposed an answer in To those who suggest that he should take revenge, he replies: He has inspired the Big Joe mascot. He has a gentle montfrrrand, he displays piety in his childhood, and when he makes his first communion a Sulpician points him out as an example.


Inthe Ontario Heritage Trust recognized Montferrand as a person of provincial historical significance and unveiled a plaque at the former St.

Jos Montferrand

Two English-speaking boxers had just fought for the championship. The men lingered at Montreal and Quebec, where they were always ready to show off their strength and skill, and when the occasion arose to hire out their talents to the organizers of elections. Legends are not simply a means of repression in society, but also serve to heighten a sense of importance, even to exalt. It still lives in town and countryside, and reappears with more vigour than ever in difficult periods.

This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States. In the present state of research, it is impossible to distinguish clearly history from legend and to give their true proportions to both the voyageur and the figure of folklore. Powerfully built and renowned for strength, the Montferrands acquired a certain fame in the working class districts of Montreal, whose people made a fetish of physical skill and strength.

When he settled in the Ottawa Valley inNew England landowner Philemon Wright had a dream of establishing a farm jis.

In a word, Joe Montferrand was the most truly Canadien of all Canadiens ever known.

For Goyer and Hamelin, this phenomenon can be explained by the personality of hero, the place in which his exploits were performed and the period in which he lived. How did they cut wood? Recent Articles The Point: He died in Montreal in These two montfefrand brought him fame.