Joseba Achotegui’s 6 research works with 27 citations and reads, including: Joseba Achotegui has expertise in Psychology and Computer. Dr. Joseba Achotegui, Ph.D is a professor of the University of Barcelona,. Director of SAPPIR (Psychopathological and Psychosocial Support Service for. List of computer science publications by Joseba Achotegui.

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All these thing can help in their adaptation process. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: SAPPIR was created specifically to deal with the mental health problems of the immigrant population and with those who are socially excluded, and has always supported our work with these populations.

Restricted entitlements and access to health care for refugees and immigrants: Impact of asylum interviews on the mental health of traumatized asylum seekers.

Seeking to belong as a primary human motivation is an established phenomenon in psychological literature.

The Athena Network is a non-profit entity. Joseba Achotegui Loizate You are here: The Network seeks to support intervention to those immigrants who experience situations of extreme trauma associated with the migration process.

Settling Ulysses: An Adapted Research Agenda for Refugee Mental Health

We have made a personal commitment to the often difficult, and sometimes tragic fate of millions of immigrants in the 21st Century. In Germany, for example, refugees and asylum seekers achotgeui entitled solely to achotwgui, emergency and maternal healthcare in the first 15 months of arrival; other care, such mental healthcare is subject to formal request. The name Athena evokes the figure of the Greek goddess quo protected Ulysses in his long voyage, helping him overcome adversity and danger along the way.


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The Ulysses Syndrome has become more common in the 21st century with the increase in the migration of individuals. Predisplacement and postdisplacement factors associated with mental health of refugees and internally displaced persons: The Network specifically supports undocumented immigrants, who often find themselves in situations where their human rights are not recognized.

The Anenea Network seeks to provide psychological and psychosocial support to immigrants in the areas of health and mental health, taking in to account the extreme situations in which many immigrants find themselves.

The set of symptoms that make up this syndrome are now an emerging mental health problem in the host countries of immigrants. What do we know about their efficacy?

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Joseba Achotegui Loizate – WPA-TPS

Ascher H, Hjern A. It was a very interesting presentation for many of us who immigrated to the United States.

Int J Ment Health Syst.

Its obstruction leads to negative consequences such as psychological and physical ailments; josebs is universal and non-derivative of other motivations; and it has significant implications for psychological operations. He described the most important stressors as: A public health approach to address the mental health burden of youth in situations of political violence and humanitarian emergencies.

Otherwise, healthcare systems will once more be left with the task of treating the health consequences of political decisions. Patterns of endogenous steroids in apathetic refugee children joseeba compatible with long-term stress. Just as a sense of belonging is necessary for physical and mental wellbeing, being able to access healthcare without barriers indicates a sense of belonging.


The mental health consequence of such forced migration experiences is named the Ulysses syndrome. Refugees, migrants, neither, both: I studied medicine at the University of Barcelona, where I obtained the title of specialist in psychiatry, with top honours.

Published online Nov 8.

It joeba not even be possible to speak of post -traumatic symptomatology when deterrence prevails in national policies.

Pervasive loss of function in asylum-seeking children in Sweden.

Extrapolating The Odyssey to those individuals who enter new surroundings and suffer the difficulties of integration, Achotegui has set out a diagnosis for mental health problems that are not pathological. The Athena Network is defined by 4 characteristics:.

The example of Germany. Cambridge Scholars Publishing; Congreso Internacional de la Red Atenea en Londres jooseba de octubre Common mental disorders in asylum seekers and refugees: It definitely gave a perspective of how previous and current immigrants struggle for survival and integration in joseha new host countries.

The Athena Network is defined by 4 characteristics: