LEARNING TO USE JOSM – a guide to learning JOSM, with miscellaneous topics. ○ RESOURCES – links to information about OSM and the JOSM Editor. How to download and install JOSM, the Java OpenStreetMap editor, change some of the settings, open the instructions are similar for other operating systems. More advanced users may want to migrate to the JOSM editor at some point for We also found this JOSM Basic Manual pdf on the web, it would be good for a.

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Alternatively, you can hold down CTRL and use the arrow keys. We discuss the most important of those tools in this section.

If you are already using the latest imagery, simply move the object to the appropriate place and delete any obsolete features. Try experimenting with each of these tools.

Chapter 5: Editing with JOSM — documentation InaSAFE Documentation Project

The rectangular area of the screen which is currently in view, will be the default selected area next time you click the download toolbar button Try downloading a little bit more data in a second rectangular patch, of about the same size, alongside the area you already downloaded.

Finally, you are to the point where you can digitize and edit features on the map using JOSM. For instance, if we add an object in some area and that object is a mosque and its name is Masjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin ; amenity that we can use is place of worship and mosque as we know, is Muslim place of worship.


You can access this window more simply by clicking on the download button, shown here: Utilsplugin2 also provides a lot of tools in Selection menu.

But because JOSM is a desktop application, it works a little bit differently. When you are creating polygon and line that are not supposed to be connected, make sure that they are not merged together by sharing a node.

The example of ways which will be simplified in JOSM.

This can include important announcements, but really we want to see some map data … Download data Click the download toolbar button to open the download dialog window. Start and download OSM data. Download other people’s traces OpenStreetMap has a database jjosm is separate from the main map data, especially for sharing raw GPS data. In a previous session, you have already installed and configured JOSM as well as master basic operations in JOSM such as drawing points, lines, and polygons.

The display of utilsplugin 2. The option of more tools menu in JOSM. If you want to upload the GPS track from Garmin device, you may need to use this plugin. Now you’re ready to begin some basic editing. The example manyal lines not connecting to each other. Manul allows you to install various plugins, extending the functionality of the software.

In OpenStreetMap, you can see all information about an objects in properties panel at right side of your JOSM window as shown in the figure below. Manua, example is shown in the figure below.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

This plugin for mappers who discover areas where the Bing satellite imagery is not aligned. Manuzl example, click the “Imagery” menu and select ” Bing “. The sample file you already downloaded contains various elements that are labeled the names of different tools on the menu. The example of way cross the building.


When the download is complete you will see OpenStreetMap data in the main editing window. The display of menu in selection tools. Click the object that you want to move and drag it to where it should be.

These are the steps to save your work: Remember that you need to do this every time that you want to make changes to the map, because the map is often being updated by other users manuap you will want the latest data. Each point in a way is maual node itself. Simply speaking, OpenStreetMap is made up of nodes points and ways lines.

Your first steps with JOSM — the Java OpenStreetMap editor

This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat To do this you will need to zoom in and out until the width of the first downloaded area is about the same as the visible screen width, and then pan off to one side to position the view on some new territory a patch with yellow hatchingthen click download. Opening your GPX file is very straightforward. This step could be used mabual fix location of objects which have wrong position. You should see your changes now appearing on the map!