The Jewish State – Theodor Herzl’s Program for Zionism. Theodore Herzl’s pamphlet Der Judenstaat, The Jewish State, was published in It heralded. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by Theodor Herzl. The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. The Herzl text was originally published under the title Der Judenstaat in Vienna, Theodore Herzl was the first Jew who projected the Jewish question as an.

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Relief by labor thus provides every one with work. The labor agency would then collect these unskilled laborers from every possible source, and despatch them at once to carry out the agricultural or industrial enterprise. In Russia, imposts are levied on Jewish villages; in Rumania, a few persons are put to death; in Germany, they get a good beating occasionally; in Austria, Anti-Semites exercise terrorism over all public life; in Algeria, there are traveling agitators; in Paris, the Jews are shut out of the so-called best social circles and excluded from clubs.

These halls might be worse built and more unwholesome than those above mentioned, and yet people would stream towards them. The Company will provide a certain field of operation for the emigrant’s personal activity, and will substitute a piece of ground, with loan of machinery, for his goods.

The business of many people cannot be artificially organized in a day. Later on the original, inadequate, makeshift buildings will be replaced by superior dwellings. Because I have drawn this conclusion with complete indifference to everything but the quest of truth, I shall probably be contradicted and opposed by Jews who are in easy circumstances.

Just as we wish to create new political and economic relations, so we shall preserve as sacred all of the past that is dear to our people’s hearts. The Dreyfus case motivated Herzl to devote thought and effort to the Jewish problem.

The persistence of anti-Semitism determined that the Jew would always be an outsider and only the creation of a Jewish state, a matter of interest to both Jews and non-Jews, would put an end to the Jewish problem.

Whenever a new industrial establishment is founded, the Company should be informed, so that all those interested may obtain information from it. The technical progress made during this wonderful era enables even a man of most limited intelligence to note with his short-sighted eyes the appearance of new commodities all around him. The question whether a social contract with “conditions not expressly stated, yet unalterable,” existed before the framing gerzl a constitution, is of no practical interest to States under modern forms of government.


This pamphlet will open a general discussion on the Jewish Question, but that does not mean that there will be any voting on it. If we wish to found a State today, we shall not do it in the way which would have been the only possible one a thousand years ago. In accordance with a preconceived plan, they will construct roads, bridges, railways and telegraph installations; regulate rivers; and build their own dwellings; their labor will create trade, trade will create markets and markets will attract new settlers, for every man will go voluntarily, at his own expense and his own risk.

Those who are, well off can travel in parties if they wish, taking their personal friends herzzl connections with them.

He became a doctor of law in and worked for a short while in courts in Vienna and Salzburg. For these little habits are the thousand and one fine delicate threads which together go to make up an unbreakable rope. Under these circumstances the Jews’ are perfectly justified in refusing to stir when people try to make peasants of them.

Any sufficiently numerous travelling party can charter a special train and special boat from the Company. They would certainly be herrzl with being assimilated to the very depths of their souls, if they stayed where they were after the new Jewish State, with its superior institutions, had become a reality. Previous chapters explained only how the emigration scheme might be carried out without creating any economic disturbance.

Even the new clothing of the poor settlers will have the symbolic meaning. Some establishments may, of course, be able to obtain their workmen from other sources, if they wish, judenstaay they will not find it easy to do so.

The Jewish State

An idea alone can achieve that and this idea of a State may have the requisite power to do so. Herzl appealed to wealthy Jews such as Baron Hirsch and Baron Rothschild, to join the national Zionist movement, but in vain.

The book became required reading for all Zionists and was taken as the basic platform of political Herzzl. But the distinctive nationality of Jews neither can, will, nor must be destroyed. Herzl’s “The Jewish State” No nation on earth has survived such struggles and sufferings as we have gone through.


The Jewish State – Theodor Herzl’s Program for Zionism

Some advance political economists who judehstaat studied the subject, declare that a five-hour day would suffice. I said in the last chapter, “The Jewish Company will organize trade and commerce nerzl the new country. Herzl completely rejected the race theories of Israel Zangwill. Jews, with the exception of the richest, have, after all, very little intercourse with Christians. It might even occur that, in the course of all these transactions, their original object would be forgotten; the moderately rich Jews would have created a new and large business, and Jewish emigration would be forgotten.

I cannot imagine this to be pleasant, even for the owners of the mines. For all these centers together form a single, great, long-sought object, which our people has always longed to attain, for which it has kept itself alive, for which it has been kept alive by external pressure — a free home!

Their Lives and Work.

“The Jewish State” (Theodor Herzl)

It is a judensttaat of the Middle Ages, which civilized nations do not: Their love of gain judenstaatt be encouraged in a healthy manner. And the people, to whom we had promised nothing, because we cannot promise anything without deceiving them, these excellent, keen business men will gaily create most active commercial intercourse.

Am I stating a fact? The Society of Jews and the Jewish Company. Even under favorable circumstances, the movement may not touch certain classes of Jews for several years to come; the intervening period can therefore be employed in selecting the best modes of organizing the journeys.

The majority may decide which are the strangers; for this, as indeed every point which arises in the relations between nations, is judenshaat question of might.

In he became Paris correspondent for the influential liberal newspaper New Free Press of Vienna time. The Company might make a good deal by reductions on passengers and goods; but here, as elsewhere, it must adhere to its principle of not trying to raise its receipts to a greater sum than will cover its working expenses. The Society of Jews and the Jewish Company will unite in caring for and strengthening the family judenstaatt more, not only morally, but materially also.