Ancient Indian History Kadamba Dynasty – Learn Ancient Indian History starting from Study, Geographical Background of Indian History, Writing, Sources of. Kadamba dynasty (kadamba) (ಕದಂಬ ರಾಜವಂಶ) is one of the most ancient and long serving royal dynasties of Karnataka. Apart from the Banavasi Kadambas. Kadamba family, minor dynastic power that held sway in an area to the northwest of Mysore city on the Indian subcontinent between the 4th and 6th centuries ce.

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Grants were also made to Buddhist viharas.

It states that Mayurasharma was a native of Talagunda, in present-day Shimoga district and his family got its name from the Kadamba tree that grew near dgnasty home. The ‘Kadambus’ find mention in the Sangam literature as totemic worshippers of the Kadambu tree and the Hindu god Subramanya.

Kadamba architecture

Pala dynasty Kamboja-Pala dynasty. It is argued that the dynasty might have linked itself to the Brahmin community more as a matter of prestige. The crux of their kingdom essentially consisted of large areas of KarnatakaGoa and southern areas of present-day Maharashtra.

They built the Madhukesvara temple, considered their family deity. It is said that Mayurasharma came to receive education at Kanchi, but he was insulted by some Pallava officials. Adikavi Pampa highly spoke of that kingdom in his writings, as indicated by his famous quotes on Banavasi: Gradually, Kadambas lost their identity against the mighty insurge of the Chalukya dynasty.


The tower rises in steps without any decoration pyramid shaped shikara with pinnacle Stupika or Kalasha on top. The Kadambas followed Vedic Hinduism.

Architecture of Karnataka to present. However, the Kadmabas of Banavasi who ruled approximately during the interval between A. He collected a faithful group of followers and routed the Pallava armies near Srisailam region. They built the Madhukesvara temple which is considered their family deity.

The dynasty later continued to rule as a feudatory of larger Kannada empires, the Chalukya and the Rashtrakuta empires for over five hundred years during which time they branched into Goa and Hanagal. Summary [ edit ] Description Symbol of Kadamba Dynasty. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Built in the 10th century and renovated many times, the temple is a very good piece of art. The Naga descent of the Kadambas has been stated in early inscriptions of King Krishna Varma I too, which confirms the family came from present day Karnataka.


Indo-Sarcenic and Muslim architecture of Tippu Sultan to present: Kadamba dynasty originating from Banavasi found its extensions in other parts of Karnataka and out side and those branches are dealt with separately. Bendre Gopalakrishna Adiga K. Relevant discussion may be found dynast the talk page. Many records like the Kudalur, Sirsi records speak of grants made by them to scholarly Brahmins.

This page was last kqdamba on 20 Octoberat From Wikipedia, the dhnasty encyclopedia. Royal families of the Deccan in the eleventh-century period often concocted northern origin theories. The Talagunda inscription describes Bhagiratha as the sole lord of the Kadamba land and the great Sagara himself, indicating he may have retrieved their losses against the Vakatakas, [17] His son, Raghu, died fighting the Pallavas.


The elevated position of the Brahmans goes back to the late Vedic period, when the Indo-European-speaking settlers in northern India were already divided into Brahmans, or priests, warriors of….

This is a photo of ASI monument number. Many records like the Kudalur, Sirsi records speak of grants made by them to scholarly Brahmins as well as to Buddhist viharas. Inscriptions in Sanskrit and Kannada are the main sources of the Kadamba history. Dynasfy inscription is known to be free of legends, giving a realistic and true account of the Kadamba line of kings.

Kadamba dynasty

Empires and kingdoms of India establishments 4th-century establishments in India disestablishments 6th-century disestablishments in India Hindu dynasties Kadambas Dynasties of India Former countries in South Asia. Bashar al-Assad, faced an unprecedented challenge to its…. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat The Kadambas were the originators of the Karnataka architecture-Dr.

We do not have concrete evidence to prove conclusively that any coin found in Karnataka was minted during the regime of the Kadambas. Third of kadamab series, the inscribed Kadamba Potin coins were found too, but in small quantities, estimated to be around pieces with four unique legend types.

Princesses of the royal family received appointments as governors of various provinces. dynastj