The Shadow of the Sun has ratings and reviews. Dolors said: Ryszard Kapuscinski sits under the branchy shade of a solitary acacia and stares at. The Shadow of the Sun [Ryszard Kapuscinski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , Ryszard Kapuscinski arrived in Africa to witness. In , Ryszard Kapuscinski arrived in Africa to witness the beginning of the end of colonial rule as the first African correspondent of Poland’s state.

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Those who want to meet the real Africa. He wrestles a king cobra to the death and suffers through a bout of malaria. This has been an important book for me to read, as I really know very little of Africa, apart from the outlines of its history and geography, and the wars, famines and violence that fill our news services. Kapuscinski’s rare humanity invests his subjects with a grandeur and a dignity unmatched by any other writer on the Third World, and his unique ability to discern the universal in the particular has never been more powerfully displayed than in this work.

Chronology is deliberately uncertain, the sequence fragmented. Afrikanisches Fieber – Deutschland. This book came as a revelation to me!

Ma anche se, invece che di un milione,si fosse trattato di un solo innocente, non sarebbe forse sufficiente per dimostrare la presenza del diavolo e per dire che, nella primavera del il diavolo si trovava in Ruanda?


It was still night, but Africa’s most dazzling moment was approaching – the break of day ‘ Just as most whites lump all Africans together as one single entity, so too Kapuscinski can not escape the too-simple label of being “white”. Solo como el gran maestro puede redactar. Child soldiers, genocide, and the spectre of death haunt these pages. The torpor of the wretched is matched by a quite phenomenal resourcefulness.

So I sit down japuscinski to Ryszard sjn I listen to his chronicle. Description ‘Only with the greatest of off, for the sake of convenience, can we say Africa. A place where its people are one with its arid terrain, blinding light and spicy smells. Apr 09, Pages Buy. A couple of minor criticisms: Quotes from The Shadow of the Step out of suun shade and “you will go up in flames”.

The Shadow of the Sun : My African Life

I’m reading a biography of him now, and the reports of his early years would have been infused with socialist zeal for the causes of African nationalism emerging from colonialism.

Few have travelled as far and wide kapuscinki the sub-Saharan area as Kapuscinski the northern African states, and South Africa, are conspicuously absent in this book. View all 3 comments. Kapuscinski himself fhe us to the possibility by observing that he “could embellish” the stuff with the roaches, deciding against it because it “would not be true”.

Its complexity both geographically and politically make it difficult to understand and internalize. Here is a long quote: The chapter on Liberia, a country I knew very little about, was absolutely terrifying.


In part, for the simple reason that I was lf up with other things and couldn’t find the freedom to absorb myself in his world as I would have liked but also for the equally simple but at the same time profound reason that there was just too much to take in.

See all books by Ryszard Kapuscinski. Want to Read saving….

The Shadow of the Sun : Ryszard Kapuscinski :

These impressive fragments of such a distinct reality enrich us and at the same time make us perceive the vastness of the whole picture which is still uncovered, which is still unknown to us, distant, invisible and impenetrable.

But not everyone is a fan. A very easy, entertaining read with passages of the most beautiful and poetic language. He brings the world to us as nobody else. By living like a local, eating like a local, and getting malaria as a local, he got a unique perspective of everyday life.

Ma tra chi ha fame e i magazzini stracolmi si erge un ostacolo insormontabile: I am always surprised when a non-African writer tries to understand the culture, in a non-judgemental or critical way, as pessimistic as that may sound.