Karve guruji. The Science Of Vedic Astrology: The Vedic Science of Light Ever since India’s seers first observed the planets wandering amongst. Karve Guruji Astro And Vastu Consultant in Anand Nagar, Pune is a top company in the category Astrologers, also known for Pandits, Pandits For Puja, Vastu. Vastu Shastra Astrology Services, Marriage Astrology Services & Gemtherapy Astrology Services Service Provider offered by Karve Guruji Astro And Vastu.

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When Kxrve told the woman I simply wanted to visit the samadhi sites, there was a kind of “well, this is most highly irregular! Bharat will be a powerful country. It looked like a poor person’s Amsterdam, who’s red-light district is world famous.

Bet you didn’t know that! It definitely was an experience in itself, especially the return trip at late rush hour – at each gyruji the newly arriving play this comical game of musical chairs, rushing to find an open seat.

Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan is dedicated for a Hindu Rashtra within 2023-25.

The trains have special ladies compartments, since I wouldn’t want to subject the smaller women to the free-for-all madness that can go on, and I don’t think they’d like to be squeezed up against strange men.

Western astrology is tropical, or reflects a temporal-seasonal model.

Gopalakrishnan Nair June 12, There are various prodigies of Vedic astrology as well. Much of astrology in India remains an oral tradition, and only a fraction of it has yet to be made available.

However, there is a major difference in how aspects are kagve. The samadhi site lies at the south end of town, marked by a beautiful three marve high spire that is reminsicent of so many temples in India. He has been giving classes and consultations here for over twenty-five years. We will get to see growth in Hindu values and progress of Sanatan Dharma. Naturally, there is an overlap between the two groups, and Vedic astrology often serves to draw people into other aspects of Hindu spirituality.


After getting some info from the Gov’t of India Tourist Office, I decided to do the whole trip to Ganeshpuri as well as my next stop, the city of Bangalore all by huruji, sans travel agent, which was stretching the limits of my experience.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Suddenly feeling a bit tired, I moved behind the altar railing to sit in the large hall area, and then it became clear to me what kind of place this was.

It was very moving. There were numerous men dressed up in drag, and scores of young girls, heavily made up, standing in doorways, looking for business.

Sanatan has the blessings of crores of Deities : Param Pujya Shrikrushna Karve Guruji

I also saw one of the most unique places in all the world, the ‘dobi-ghats’. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bombay is huge, 18 million people, and growing as scores of poor people pour into the city, hearing of its wealth. I seem to have a sensitivity to spiritual currents, but certainly Guriji could be somewhat out of balanced, or dense, or perhaps the place wasn’t potent.

Even the cab drivers have told me that they don’t like driving at night – the chaotic lack of order is really dangerous. Vedic astrology uses an additional fold division of the zodiac by nakshatras constellations.


To an student of ,arve, that is amazing. It can be confusing for those used to their Western chart, particularly for the Sun sign, so emphasized in Western astrology, which is likely to change. Search here in this Site Search for: Karve’s forte is one to readjust people’s birth time using psychic means. The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not part of classical Vedic astrology.

Phil’s India Travelogue: Bombay, Mumbai

Perhaps most notable of the spiritual teachers from India to the West who have emphasized astrology was Paramahansa Yogananda, who offers several anecdotes about astrology in his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Krupa Mahajan on Sonia Gandhi hates Hindus! But the beggars are the most aggressive and annoying so far. Both systems use the twelve houses and interpret them similarly though with variations.

If you sit at a site, perhaps they see that you may be a practitioner, and not just some tourist or exoteric follower. They describe the signs in similar terms. Again, the people seemed happy and content, and it felt like a real Loka, a special place that really touched my heart. On pages 12 and 13 we’ll discuss planetary influences upon the karma and dharma of an individual, how astrology can be best used, the ideal astrologer, what to expect from an astrological reading and how to respond to the advice given.