Dear Katja Millay: Sea of Tranquility is about a high school senior who moves in with her aunt about two hours from her hometown. Her transfer. This book knocked me out. The author reminds me of Melina Marchetta in the way she manages to make the characters so real and so affecting. The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay – book cover, description, publication history.

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Okay, so let me get something straight. I had sad tears in my eyes, and then angry tears. She sets out with katjx hope for achieving a sense of anonymity and a bit of normalcy in her life. Contrary to the weaknesses Natsya carried, she had a vigorous inner strength that surprised me. I mean, had she been in the “I never ever talk” situation, then okay.

Like, “Sunshine grabs a glass of water. This book is definitely a bit of a challenge, but it is absolutely worth it. Will be moving this one up on my TBR list. The NA genre could use more authors like her.

And Drew is all kinds of charm, and he knows it Reader Confessions Where did they go? Jenny Reading the End says: She does the best she can to stay off the radar. Okay, I’m still in tears when I think about this book because I didn’t know what to expect coming into it when I bought it.

Josh and Natsya are both loaded. For a further example, see my status update: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is not a story of tragedy.


Yes, maybe her persona and her carefully constructed facade are illusions. By the way, that happens.

Congrats Katja and Maryse!!! Wonderfully told story mllay Salvation! I still see him in my head and I drool, or smile or cry. The Sea of Tranquility reminded me that books aren’t just entertaining; they’re more than that.

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

Because you’ve lost the reflex of producing sounds for so long. Beautiful and talented piano. Nastya, of course, doesn’t try to hook up tue all the hot guys so she is also a morally superior being in Josh’s eyes.

Or something like “They’re gonna look at me anyway, they might as well look at my ass. Which leads me to Nastya’s story. Oct 09, Bibi rated it did not like it. To say fuck sanity and healing and closure. I’m telling you, have tissues at the ready because I guarentee you will be shedding quite a few.

She starts to feel safe. So why don’t you go and trnquility her bluntly “Tell me darling. He has lost everyone his mother, sister, father and both grandparents. But it’s important to know that 3 stars isn’t really accurate at a Oh my god, I just don’t know what to say about this book. Nastya on the other hand, I couldn’t avoid her if I’d tried.

Without a doubt, one of my most favorite books ever.

She also says that because of him, she’s never going to be able to have kids. That sounds suspiciously like victim blaming bullshit to me. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Stuff that was so not cool: No one knows what hand they will be dealt in life. He has lost every single person he loves.


Katja Millay’s Sea of Tranquility Cover Reveal and BIG NEWS!!

They say there’s a place you go when you die Perhaps it’s full of life, laughter, and loved ones Perhaps there’s no light, no laughter; only darkness Perhaps it’s a place you’ve never seen before Or perhaps it’s a place familiar to you Eventually, we come to feel the same way.

People who have never been through any sort of shit always assume that they know how you should react to having your life destroyed Josh comes complete with his own set of tragic events.

Okay, well maybe there were a few more negative than positive Those throbbing crazy alcohol fueled parties where bad things can happen fast? Burst into tears a few times I loved everything about this book.

Katja Millay’s Sea of Tranquility Cover Reveal and BIG NEWS!! – Maryse’s Book Blog

She was such a broken soul, you didn’t know if she’d ever be put back together. They use stereotypes for characters except, like I said, Drewthey always feature issue-ridden protagonists who need saving, the relationships always evolve through the same cycle of doubt, jealousy and general angst.

And of course I read because it was recommended by you Maryse!