Language Arabic. خطبه نکاح، خطبه الجمعه، خطبه اشرف علي تهانوي، دعاي نکاح، Khutbah Nikah, Khutbah Jum’a, Khutbah Juma’ah Ashraf Ali. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Nikah Khutba 1. 5. 6. 5. 2. 1. 8 8 8 31 1 34 1 6 4 8 34 6 1 6 8 6 8 8 34 4 1 8 6 8 8 34 3. 1 3!4 8 8

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The relationship that was once sustained by physical beauty is then sustained by spiritual beauty. Sayyiduna Anas RA said: Who should be invited to Walima? Narrated Anas bin Malik RA: The Arabs used it for a meal or feast where people were invited and gathered.

Friday Khutba (Examples)

Through marriage a person can be saved from many shameless and immoral sins and through marriage he has is more able to control his desire. Imam Zaid mentioned permanence. The marriage-gift Mahr is a divine injunction.

Allah knows and you do not know. We were with the Prophet Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam while we were young and had no wealth whatever. It is the way of our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallamand whosoever goes against this practice has been reprimanded.

Muslim society has been commanded by Allah SWT to engage in Nikah and actively support each other in this endeavour: Hasnain on Islamic Guidelines for Choosing Names. The relatives, neighbors, and friends are invited in order to make them aware of the marriage. Whomsoever Allaah guides will never be led astray, and whomsoever Allaah leaves astray, no one can nikh.

But the ultimate criteria and basis should be the religious inclination and practise of the individual. Just as men complete half their religion through this act, it is also the same for women.


Man wearing a red and kjutba colored hat and woman wearing beautiful jewelry. The marriage ceremony is a social as well as a religious activity. Be careful of your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women. After that, marriage and Walima celebrations will come to an end.

Marriage is one of the most important acts of worship in Islam. All the verses are common in the message of Taqwa consciousness of Kuutba.

Whoever is able to marry should marry, for that will help him to lower his gaze and guard his modesty. Our beloved Rasul-ullah Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam also commanded Muslims to engage in Nikah as it is best for their character and modesty and helps them with guarding their gaze. Muslim couple signing the khtba contract.


Later, the term became exclusive for the wedding banquet. Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. Both parties mutually agree and enter into this contract. For every age there are some rules prescribed.

Nikah Khutbah |

Thus the advice is given to everyone of you who believes in Allah and in the Hereafter. The mahr may be paid immediately to the nimah at the time of marriage, or nikaj to a later date, or a combination of both. And it is carried out when the marriage is consummated. Islam advocates simplicity in ceremonies and celebrations. This particular speech was translated from Arabic, I believe. It is stated in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya: By Allah, I am more khugba to Allah and more afraid of Him than you; yet I fast and break my fast, I do sleep and I also marry women.


Keeping the remembrance of Allah on your tongues, in your lives and in your homes, prevents Shaytan from interfering with your marriage and causing division between you. Praise be to Allaah, we seek His help and His forgiveness. To give necessary items. But if one does not have the means then there is nothing wrong arrabic giving less.

He is well known as a religious thinker, speaker, educator and activist for justice. I hope and wish every person a very happy and prosperous married life.

Whomsoever He leaves straying no khytba can guide him. By holding to this concept of permanence, they ensure that they will remain together through good times and bad. The sermon invites the bride and the groom, as well as the participating guests in the assembly to a life of piety, mutual love, kindness, and social responsibility.

Khutbah Nikah Nikah Jo Khutbo

The amount of mahr is not legally specified, however, moderation according to the existing social norm is recommended. Lo, Allah hath been a watcher over you. Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger achieves a great success. The Mahr dowry is the woman’s right and should be stipulated prior to the marriage. It is an outward expression of gratitude and pleasure and a great means of publicising the marriage, which has been greatly encouraged.

Remembrance of Allah is another key.