?st=UF&ix=nu&I=0&V=D. A religious diatribe written from within the Church against the established order of things in a presumably “Christian” land. PDF | This article emphasizes the significant motifs of ” The Moment “, Søren Kierkegaard ” s strident criticism of the Lutheran Church and the religious.

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And I, silly sheep, who can neither read nor write, and therefore, being thus excluded, must spiritually pine away, die of hunger, by being excluded from what can truly be called nourishing, seeing that kietkegaard nourishes the priest and his family! Neither in the article, where only at the last I point to the blood-witness but kiermegaard the blood-witness too belongs to the witnesses to the truth, especially to the “genuine” witnesses to the truth, or what I have called “the first class according to the Christian protocol,” which implies that I must have in mind many more witnesses kierrkegaard the truth than merely the blood- kerkegaard ; so then, neither in the article nor in the notes appended to it — one can refer to them both — have I made the witness to the truth and the blood-witness identical, and in the notes I have quite distinctly pointed out the difference between preaching Chris- tianity in such a way that the preacher is “a government official, a man of rank, and his preaching his own glittering career, rich in enjoyment,” and on the other hand a “suffer- ing witness to the truth,” without maintaining in any way whatsoever that suffering must signify suffering unto death.

But precisely in the very same sense that the child plays soldier, it is playing Christianity to take away the danger Christianly, “witness” and “danger” correspondand in place of this to introduce power to be a danger for othersworldly goods, advantages, luxurious enjoyment of the most exquisite refinements — and then to play the game that Bishop Mynster was a witness to the truth, one of the genuine witnesses to the truth, to play it with such frightful earnestness that one cannot bring the game to a stop, but keeps on playing it into heaven itself, plays Bishop Mynster on into the holy chain of witnesses to the truth which stretches from the days of the Apostles curistendom our times.

The whole character of the Instant, No. This case is far more terrible: No — if there is, Christianly, any difference before God, then the beggar is infinitely more important to Him than the king — infinitely more important, for to the poor the Gospel is preached!

Adam, I Amn’t rated it liked it Jun 25, The deceased bishop is by Professor Martensen introduced p. And with regard to His coming again there is one prediction of His which reads: One is tout-a-fait a man of the world, a man entirely of this world, christedom “at the same time” one has broken with this world — which corresponds with attaining and enjoying all worldly goods and advantages by the preaching of Christianity, and being “at the same time” a witness to the truth; and that, as I showed alluding also to maidenhood, christebdom, as a beautiful symbol of heterogeneity to this world corresponds to a virgin with her numerous flock of atatck.


This is a collection of essays – a collection of collections uponn essays actually sub-books – which make up the grea Kierkegaard riddles Christianity with indictment for its lack of integrity, with a strength akin to Sam Harris. This has to be said — so be it now said. Kierkegaard says Christianity has become divorced from Christ and is mutated from the Christianity of the New Testament. I am neither leniency nor severity: I would rather gamble, carouse, fornicate, steal, murder, than take part in making a fool of God; rather pass my days in bowling alleys and billiard halls, my nights in gaming and at masquerades, than take part in that kind of seriousness which Bishop Martensen calls Christian seriousness; yea, I would rather make a fool of God bluntly, climb up to a high place or go out into the open where I am alone with Him, and say, “Thou art a wretched God, christenom no more than to be made a fool of” — rather than make a fool of Him by solemnly representing that I am holy, that my life is sheer zeal and ardor for Christianity, yet — O cursed ambiguity!

About our unity the old man knew better, both because he read my works rather carefully, and because I talked to him in private, although he certainly never doubted my sincere devotion to him, even when it appeared to me most imperiled. The late Bishop had an extraordinary gift for covering over the weak side of the Established Church and its frailties; the new Bishop Martensen, also a gifted man, has a rare gift for laying bare, by every least thing he undertakes to do, one or another weak side of the Established Church.

I have told how the case stands: But when Christianity does not exist, the existence of this inventory, so far from being, Christianly considered, an advantage, is far rather a peril, because it is so infinitely likely to give rise to a false impression and the false inference that when we have such a complete Christian inventory we must of course have Christianity, too.

Elivahu Rosenow – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 22 1: But such a judgment chrietendom an enemy can be in haste to pronounce as long as the man lives.

Full text of “Kierkegaard’s attack upon “Christendom,” “

And yet perhaps the question of money looms larger and is more distracting from Christianity in the free Churches than where the priests are paid by the State and attac the end of it. His article then becomes what one might call a thunder-leading article a lightning conductorif by that one does not think of leading the lightning away but of leading the thunder- storm down upon a man, upon poor me.

The Fatherland, Thursday, December 30, There the matter rests! As soon as we as- sume that we may venture to give the matter this turn, Christianity is eo ipso done away with, and the priest’s oath.


When we read in the New Testament the passage kierkegaare Bishop Martensen used in the memorial address, Hebrews I will not by suppression, or by performing tricks, try to produce the impression that the ordinary Christianity in the land and the Christianity of the New Testament are alike.

I would argue, however, that Kierkegaard has had a heavy impact on modern-day “radicals” like John Piper, Francis Chan, and David Platt, whether directly or indirectly. Then, christejdom it appears, if I or another can prove, that it can be main- tained face to face with the New Testament, then with the greatest joy I will agree to it. Thanks be to you, ye silk and velvet priests, who in ever more numerous troops offered your services when it appeared that profit was on the side of Christianity; thanks be to you for your Christian zeal and fervor in behalf of these millions, of kingdoms and lands, of a whole world of Christians; many thanks, it was Christian zeal and fervor!

What was it I protested against a while ago?

Kierkegaard’s attack upon “Christendom,” 1854-185

I have not read this cover to cover, but the selections I open to always strike with purpose and are compelling, revolting against the mediocrity that Christianity has identified itself to be. For if not, then, though it were only four shillings sixpence, it is an enormous price. In this case he used a dash kierkegqard a hyphen, just as he did for such conjunctive phrases as both-and; but I feel sure he would have liked to make this distinction, if it had been suggested to him.

At about this time, he became engaged to a woman he loved, but he broke the engagement when he decided that God had destined him not to marry. The New Testament defines the terms for blessedness.

But eager to say it I am not; on the contrary, I have wished and craved, and attaack almost hoped that I might be dispensed from saying it. He applied this analysis especially to the speculative philosophy of German idealism. As- suming that what I say is false — if the clergy had been witnesses to the truth, they would not have kept silent but declared themselves against this falsehood. But of course when the bishop himself does that, no one can complain of it For this reason he held completely in check his rare dialectical ability to see both sides.

Attack upon Christendom

Despite kierkegsard polemic, the book was largely disregarded following its initial release. Want to Read saving…. But, as I have said, does the priest stand in such a relation to the blessedness of eternity that he can dispose of it, and you buy it of him?

Recommended by Frank Cooper.