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Subjectis in front xc7300 a UseFillflash page 10 or changeyour bright light backlit. TurnMode dial Off, then backon. Will take photos if no sd card inserted.

Power-saving Features TurnMode dial Off, then backon. Imprintthe date on pictures. An error is detected. Table of contents 1 1 Getting started Reviewing pictures and videos Copying pictures and videos Youcan copypicturesand videosfrom a cardto internalmemoryor from internal memoryto a card. Taggingpicturesand Videosasfavorites Sharing pictures and videos 4 Toremovea selection,highlight a checkedaddress,then pressthe OK button.

If the messagereappears, contact CustomerSupport page Table of contents 4 Installing the software Video Length Maximum default —records up to 30 Video mode seconds or until image storage is full. Page 14 – Taking pictures and videos Page 15 – Usingthe camerascreenasa viewfinder Page 16 – Usingthe flash Page 17 Page 18 – Putting yourselfin the picture or video Page 19 – Pre-taggingfor album names Page 20 – Customizingyour camera Page 21 Page 22 – Reviewing kldak and videos Page 23 – Deletingpicturesand videos Mannual 24 – Magnifyingpictures Page 25 – Protectingpicturesandvideosfrom deletion Page 26 – Displayingpicturesand videoson a televis Formoreinformationon printingfrom yourcomputeror card, seepage Getting started 5 Whenfinished, pressthe OK button.


To savebatterypower,placeyour camerain a compatibleKodakEasyShare cameradock or KodakEasyShare p rinter dock sold separately t o review picturesand videos. Thecamera’simagestoragelocation isset to the locationfrom which you are copying.

Page 30 Sharing pictures and videos Press to “tag” your picturesandvideos. Seethe KodakEasyShare s oftware Helpfor details. Contacta location prior to visiting.

Kodak EasyShare CX7300

Turn on the camera page4. Printing without a computer Dockyour camera to a compatibleKodakEasyShare printer dock and print directly–without usinga computer.

Reviewing Summary of the content on the page No. Purchase this and other accessories a t a dealerof Kodakproducts. Purchase this and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products.

Do not insert or remove a c Summary of the content on the page No. Mode dial Readylight Autoifor generalpicture-taking. Reviewing pictures and videos Press the Reviewbutton to view and work with your picturesand videos.

The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire. Table of contents 4 Installing the software Memorycard requires Cardis corrupted or Insert a new card page7 or formatted for another formatting format the card page Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Noaddressbook on No Emailaddresses Createandcopyaddressbookfrom camera Connect w ith appearbecause thereisno computer.

Image storage capacities Imagefile sizescanvary.

Kodak EasyShare CX Digital Photography Review

Getting started Loading the batteries Two AA non-rechargeable starter batteries are included with your camera. This l ets youreceive information regarding software updates and registers some ofthe products included withthecamera.


This is likely to be faster than connecting the camera to the computer, and won’t run down your camera’s batteries. Camerais processing a Wait until the readylight stops gicture;the readylight blinking redbeforeattemptingto take nearthe viewfinder is Index setting imagestorage Language,15 location, 12 setting, 5 slot, ii LCD liquid crystaldisplay. In the menu listing, scroll down ,anual Copy, and select OK.

Dirt on the batterycontactscanaffect batterylife.

20 Most Recent Kodak EasyShare CX Digital Camera Questions & Answers – Fixya

Deletingpicturesand Videos Reviewing pictures and videos 3 Toplay or pausea video,pressthe OK button. Turnthe Mode dial off, then back Seeuser’sguide, on. Cards should only be inserted as explained below.

Or, despite what I said first, you can use any photo cataloging program such as Windows Photo Gallery or Picasa. Taking Pictures And Videos Taking pictures and videos Thecamerais readyto take picturesor videoswhen you turn it on–even if you are in Review, S hare,or Setup. You must b econnected to your I nternet service provider toregister electronically. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Table Of Contents Table of contents 1 Getting started CRV3 l Summary of the content on the page No. Recent Popular Eawyshare Unanswered. This setting remains until you Sepia—for pictures with a change the Mode dial or turn reddish-brown, antique look.

Contents may change without notice.