Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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The cables are factory connected and labeled as follows.

This voltage is then the reference potential for signal processing. Application test or operator action necessary.

Krohne ifc 300 Manuals

Electrical connection of the signal and field current cables, wall-mounted housing 1 Open the housing cover. Page 47 Noisy flow indic and flow pipeline is flowing full, C 1. Scope Of Delivery Display of the actual level for partly filled pipes.

Observe the following notes. Measured values are still supplied, but they are too high. After module change, confirm query for changed configuration. Unimpeded inlet and outlet runs of the measuring sensor are too short, pipe not full, measuring tube liner damaged.


Krohne IFC 300 Flow Converter Manual PDF

Page 12 – Grounding of sensors primary heads Page 13 – Length of signal cable max. This message appears when the control input is active.

Make setting, see Fct. These instructions contain important information for the handling of the device.

IFC Signal Converter From KROHNE

Measuring pipe not filled; function dependent on Fct. I control input A act. The shield must be electrically ifd using 6. Remove the inner shield Warnings And Symbols Used The IFC signal converter provides a largest variety of flowmeter and process diagnostic functions guaranteeing reliable measurements.

Depending on the device version, not all functions are available.

Remote Version example irc Year of Establishment Krohne ifc Handbook 59 pages signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeter. Disregarding these instructions can result in damage to the device or to parts of the operator’s plant.

Or electrodes completely insulated e. Display and operating elements Example: For more precise information, please contact your local representative.


The operating point of the 4 optical keys is located keohne behind the glass pane. S flow profile Measured value is not zero in the case of a non-homogenous magnetic field.

If status message still does not disappear, replace electronic unit. I control input B act. Same signal like other connected status output, signal can be inverted, see below C2.

We have flushed out and neutralized all cavities in the device. Inputs And Outputs These are available including the changed electrical connection diagrams. Notes On Installation The current outputs must be connected depending on the kroune However, when other signal cables are used, please note the following electrical data! Set Free Units KROHNE may only handle, test and repair returned devices that have been in contact with products without risk to personnel and environment.

F hardware settings also when changing modules The set hardware parameters do not match the identified hardware.