Hermann Broch was a novelist, playwright, mathematician, and engineer. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX. Su autor, Hermann Broch, figura junto a Kafka y Joyce. Buy La Muerte De Virgilio/ the Deaf of Virgilio by Hermann Broch (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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I personally think the problem with the Aeneid is that it was brocch as flattery, since for me is is a deadly flat poem compared to other epics.

What I want to know is, where is my prize? For ‘The old is dying, the new cannot be born’ – Gramsci Burn the Aeneid. Wow, some of the phantasmagoric descriptions, both straight-forward and surreal, and word-pictures are absolutely startling and haunting!!

The Death of Virgil

Now, I do find the fleshless union with Plotia, along with part 4, the Homecoming, to be the most lyrical and magical renditions in the book, but still.

I just virgklio handle it over the long haul. Plotia I saw, but I found not my father, and she also vanished If I love how the author writes I can read and enjoy almost any book even if the content isn’t something I would normally al, if I’m neutral or don’t notice the writing I can like the other parts, but if the language doesn’t work for me I can’t enjoy the book at all.

Not for the faint of heart. La muerte de Virgilio Hermann Broch No preview available – Want to Read saving…. Only this is merely more of a backdrop and setting for his thoughts, which take the main stage. You know how inventive German can be in the construction virtilio composite words that do not really exist but most people would understand. This novel had a huge impact on me, as a vision of our conscious transformation from a cause-and-effect view of the world into a perception of the eternal, divine truths which must have no beginning or end.


Virgil is so tormented by the inadequacies he finds in his masterpiece that he threatens to burn the Aeneid hermanj is forbidden by Augustus to do so. This seemed appropriate, as the subject is at once immortality and evanescence; the power of love and the vanity of human creation. And subsequently, here xe Plotia. Broch was born in Vienna hermanj a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory in Teesdorf, though he maintained his literary interests privately.

Aug 20, knig rated it liked it Shelves: I only continued reading it because it’s considered by no lesser figures than the likes of George Steiner and Thomas Mann as one of the pinnacles of European literature.

Even though Virgil dearly loved the life of study and thought in Athens hermannn was torn by his memories of home as he arrived in Brundisium: Dec 27, Joe rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would therefore suggest reading it relatively quickly, and not lingering on each individual pronouncement of profundity. She beckons him to join her in a paradisaical alternative dimension that weaves its way through the conversation taking place virilio Virgil’s room.

This is a multiple work of art review because once again a serendipitous simultaneous reading developed my thoughts about this book.

La muerte de Virgilio

This signals another edge that will be important throughout the novel as Virgil in his illness hovers between life and death. What goes through the mind of a poet on the verge of death? Effectively, he rewrites Virgil through the kaleidoscope of 20c mantra.

Virgil simultaneously speaks with the boy and speaks about the boy with his two friends who cannot see him. They passed into second immensity. This novel reads more like an epic poem than a novel, which is only right as the novel deals with the demise of the Aeneid’s brilliant author. It varies from book to book how they are used and how important they are, and all readers have different opinions about whic The death of Virgil is a book that really didn’t work for me, and I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why.

Surely he was also the boundlessness aiming towards the flight! Maravilloso es quedarse corto Preview this item Preview this item.


Loved it, by the way, so that was time lq spent. Finding libraries that hold this item From this foundation rises Earth – The Expectationwhich in the dialogue with Augustus – one that discusses the nature of art, power, death, glory and duty – that forms the heart of the novel, returns us to the world of the real, though the fantastic is close at hand. Equally opposing forces drawn kicking and screaming into an unholy unity. Perhaps the final three sections of The Death of Virgil will suggest mudrte to these and other questions.

Jean Starr Untermeyer Translator.

La muerte de Virgilio – Hermann Broch – Google Books

This is where the author lost me, because while I was reading I stopped focusing and viriglio I came to the end of a page and had no memory of what I’d just read, because the way he described things just slid away. The last days of Virgil as a theme is really interesting, and Broch gives a very lively account of the life at and around the court of emperor August. Maybe I got about a half of it the first time.

Open Preview See a Problem? In this dark, furious dreamscape, we stand upon ever shifting terrain, never in control, unable to separate the real from the imagined. The death of Virgil is a book that really didn’t work for me, and I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why. Please re-enter recipient dr address es.

Only falsehood wins renown, not understanding! This brovh definitely a book that needs to come with a merit certificate at the finish line. The writing goes at a fever pitch for the entire book, stopping only to dive into Virgil and Augustus’s philosophical debate. May 22, David M rated it it was amazing. Oh yes, where do I apply for my merit badge for finishing this?