English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘lactógeno placentario humano’. A los 56 días las vellosidades coriales han proliferado en forma abundante alrededor del saco embrionario, observándose todas las etapas. Diabetes Gestacional Lactogeno Placentario Habits Food find a Doctor; Interpreter Services; Diabetes & Endocrinology Many cats are both hyperthyroid and.

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Recent advance in recent progress in catecholamines under stress. On the other hand, there are receptors of high affinity to estrogen and progesterone in placentary JU which leads to presume some direct effect of these lactoeno on the PL II expression in this area. Expression in the developing rat placenta.

This might be due either to an exhaustion of the SAM axis or to the fact that repeated expositions to chronic stress produce a decrease in A and NA liberation what is interpreted as an adaptation of the axis to this system Rodriguez, During pregnancy by maintaining both maternal and fetal homeostasis, mammals need to reorganize their metabolism.

The mouse prolactin gene family locus. Many of which are identical or at least, they resemble those produced by the hypothalamic-pituitary-target Jaffe, Four differentiated trophoblast cell phenotypes comprising the lactkgeno chorioallantoic placenta can be readily identified: Buenos Aires, Yen S. One of the peripherical stress markers are the levels of catecholamines metabolites, indicators of SAM axis response.

A statistically significant increase of VMA metabolite values was placentxrio on day 6 of pregnancy in stressed rats respecting their controls, while on day 21 of pregnancy the values of stressed rats are significantly lower than their controls.


Plasma vanillyn mandelic acid level as an index of psychological stress response in normal subjects. Each female was subjected to a 45 min stress session, from day 4 of gestation, 3 times a week, in the morning and at variable times. Considering that the second of the peripheral systems of the response to stress, is the activation of SAM and that one of the indicator parameters of this axis functioning are the concentrations of catecholamines A and NA, the levels of 3-methoxy 4-hydroxymandelic VMA acid were evaluated.

These antibodies were provided by Dr.

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Ain, R; Canham, L. Identification and characterization of two major glyprotein spcies with antipeptide antibodies. This result coincides with those obtained by some other authors Cambell et al. Characterization of the two forms of rat placental lactogen rPL: Chronic stress by immobilization IMO was applied to the experimental group females.

Contribution to the understanding of the stress: A syndrome produced by diverse noxious agents.

Desarrollo de la placenta y lactogeno placentario by Janeth Duran Martinez on Prezi

These results are shown in Figs. VMA concentrations were determined considering the volumes of 24 h urine and the animal body weight. Response of anterior pituitary hormones to chronic stress. Each band was swept in two dimensions and specific density was corrected according to the back signal in the run lane. Anterior pituitary response to stress: Immunocytochemical analysis of PL-II with sections of placental tissue from days 12, 17 and 21 control and stressed A-F.

PL-II was staining in the trophoblast giant cells tgc cytoplasm, located at the interface between the chorioallantoic placenta and uterine deciduas, from day 12 of pregnancy rats A-B. Two prominent regions are formed within the choriallantoic placenta: A VMA decrease may be also observed on day 21 of pregnancy in stressed rats respecting to the control.


VMA is produced as metabolite of both A as well as NA from the sympathetic nervous system, central and peripheric and from the adrenal gland Amam, et al.

The catecholamine metabolites, 3-methoxy 4-hydroxymandelic VMA acid as well as homovanilic acid were found in animals urine. Effects of chronic stress on plasma corticosterone, ACTH and prolactin. This is probably due to a habituation of the animals to the repeated stimulus. We have demonstrated an increase in the plasmatic concentration of maternal PRL on stressed rats in their 17 day of pregnancy followed by a significant decrease towards the end of gestation Sofiez et al, Origin and differentiation of extraembrionic tissue in the mouse.

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The effects of chronic stress applied to gestating mothers, on the concentrations of PL II in the placentary tissue at 12,17 and 21 days of pregnancy, were analyzed using the immunoblot technique Fig. The VMA values in stressed mothers urines increased on the day 6 respecting the control ones at the same time of pregnancy. Urinary excretion of catecholamine metabolites in hiperkinetic child syndrome.