Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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They will be able to learn anything with much less effort only if they are provided with the right environment. Doing this will either make or break your relationship. Even front ranking accompanists who obviously learned from their childhood fail to leatn all that is rendered by the vocalists, can quote several such instances.

Not everyone wants to perform, some want to learn for the sheer joy of learning. It larn depends on the context and personal background.

In general, no candidate is allowed to study the professional courses like medicine and engineering beyond 20 years of age and even the individuals after settling themselves in a job or business do not prefer to later study medicine or engineering. But, in our country, where most of the people are eager about their rights and demands only but not the duties and responsibilities and also in the absence of any authorized training as a music-teacher many of the elders sangdetham resorting to teaching music increasing the sangeethham in music in our country.

Age to start learning carnatic music To teach and learn Indian classical music.


And, in general, starting from their 8th year, as the kids gradually get the ability to understand, the things must gradually be defined from their 8th year only. Like the elders they do not have the tactics of asking or even pressurizing anybody to arrange their concert even if they sangeetha, up to the mark.

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Mostly the elders are well settled in their life and try to acquire some thing else in their leisure time for their enjoyment. Last edited by mohan on Sun Jul 10, Hearing, which is fairly useful in the pursuit of music, starts to diminish too early in life for some of us. I started learning music only when I was in my late teens, so can’t claim to have learnt music from ‘a tender age! The exception is when the child may be a prodigy or a born natural – then they pick it up from the air.

But, in our music, the person who sings 20 to 30 items or even more in a 3-hour concert will only be honoured as a legend and praised. While chatting with him I expressed my desire to learn music and sangeerham lamenting the fact that it was too late for me since I was too old. Are you imagining this, due to some possible insecurities you might be feeling?

Even some of the already employed elders, at a later period, even try to acquire a Degree in Music and switch over to the teaching job having higher salary. Most of them want to learn music and some of them even try to learn instruments but will be compelled to become stranded at one point or the other due to their inabilities. Funnily none of them is ready to stand for any of my challenges or to make a challenge or to prove the inefficiencies of this novel system or even to come out and criticize.

Even though they are physically and mentally able to do the needful they are solely dependents on their parents or teachers for anything. As we grow older it becomes more difficult to learn, mostly because of other preoccupations and preconditions. So why discourage people who come forward with a true interest to learn music or an instrument?

Shankar Mahadevan Academy | Learn Indian Music Online

Another exception is one who has absolutely no aptitude – even when provided the right environment they will not learn. Even a random search for any krithi on youtube throws up umpteen renditions by shady performers who want praise, but lack the intellectual honesty to realise they r ruining this great artform. All your points are well taken and are very valuable observations, but why the first para in a negative way. For the average person, it is much easier to learn music when they are young and are provided with the right environment.


Of course, very few people are aware that, in general, controversial views only bring out the truth and the logic behind and I am writing this for them only. Having no other avocation, they can concentrate far more efficiently than adults and learn music very fast and efficiently, of course, basing upon the efficiency of the teacher.

This continued for many years till I met the versatile artist T V Gopalakrishnan. But, truth is always bitter and, nowadays, many do not like truthfulness but hypocrisy. But, in the meantime, he himself became enthusiastic of giving a music-concert like my disciple-kid by learning music from me even before his daughter.

But make sure you are giving yourself the same respect that you are asking of your teacher. I went out looking for teachers who would tell me that it is too late for me to learn CM. Having recently listened to the successful-mini-music-concert of one of my sangeftham, a gent at his age of 40 approached me to teach her daughter of 11 years age, who has been learning Gitas only since last three years, and I agreed.

My gripe is with stage performance