From Self to Self [Leo Hartong] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A compilation of expressions, questions and answers that came about in. Question: Are you saying that knowing all pain suffering is universal, frees one from it? Doesn’t pain suffering continue to exist whether it be seen as that of the. I was very sad to learn that Leo Hartong passed away less than two weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on the 15th of September. He was a.

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The clear seeing that it refers to is neither complex nor simple. Nothing needs to be repaired. What I Know For Sure. Awareness is the source in which all arises and dissolves.

This very clarity turns out to be its own reward. This divine upadesa instruction is always going on naturally in everyone. Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration, but it shows hxrtong principle at work through the contradictions that pop up when the ego embarks on a project of becoming better adjusted, more accepting, or more relaxed.

It was a pen that did it, or some other implement. If the nameless builders of the Taj Mahal, of Chartres, lfo Rheims, of a hundred cathedral symphonies, knew that — and avoided the solecism of attributing to their own egos the works that were created through their instrumentality — may not even a jotter-down of passing metaphysical notions know it also?

As long as we believe that there is an ego to either improve or remove, and as long as we work toward the betterment or elimination of that ego, the more the illusion is perpetuated.

At one point, we converted to Catholicism. Nothing is done, yet nothing is left undone. hadtong

No Claim, No Blame, No Fame – Leo Hartong

Gill Midgley rated it it was amazing Aug 22, It is the heart of hearts, your birthright and innermost self. This was as much for the comfort of religion as for getting help from the church. Awakening to the Dream is a very clear, approachable overview of the enigmatic philosophy hrtong Advaita Vedanta, also known as non duality. Please review your cart. Linty rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Essentially, this is a book about you.


What I truly am is what I always was: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Brian O’Connor rated it it was amazing Jun 28, A Return to Love. This book will explore — and attempt to puncture — the belief that you are a separate entity. It all seemed hartonh, and it was clear that there were more questions than answers. Through per which the sound sona is coming.

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Along the road were new cultures, time to read, to party, and to practice yoga; though, I le say, spiritual practices did not really do it for me. There are no future rewards in store. It is all inclusive, pure presence, closer than your breath. Why Buddhism is True.

This is your invitation to remember what was never really forgotten. Dec 15, Barbie marked it as to-read.

The clear seeing that it refers to is neither complex nor simple. Although being in the flow feels wonderful, the idea of our actions happening by themselves instead of through our free will can be upsetting. Tommy rated it really liked it Nov hatrong, Is there something I can get out of this that will improve my life? From the free-will point of view, the idea that something is living through us can be quite objectionable. It was the sixties, and I learned to smoke hashish.

You just bought a VW Beetle, and all of a sudden you notice Volkswagens everywhere. We all know the feeling of being in the flow of things.


It is not something exclusive for intellectual or spiritual elite, nor is it remote or hiding in the future. Be the first to ask a question about Awakening to the Dream.

See Leo’s own website for other excerpts and endorsements. There were new words and ideas about God, the Self, and life as a whole that sounded more real than that which I was hearing about at school. As I am sitting at my computer writing these words, I become aware of the sensation of thirst.

It points to and from the source of your true identity. From the non-dualistic perception, however, no part of this activity is seen as relevant, and Leo Hartong speaks straight out of the clear blue sky of non-dualism, gently but uncompro- misingly leading the readers to see the original and abiding nature of what they are. This is true for you, the cat, the book, and everything else. There is actually no individual here to be deprived of free will. The ego is neither the doer nor the non-doer; it simply does not have an existence independent of the Self, any more than a character in a novel exists independently of the author who portrays him.

Waiting is just another way of trying to get it, which only perpetuates the illusion that there really is someone who should get something. This mental structure may even cause certain sensations in the body-mind, through, for example, habitual muscular contractions and nerve firings, further supporting the perception of the illusion as reality.