*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In The Breakdown of Nations Leopold Kohr shows that, throughout history, people living in small states are happier. 9 Results Leopold Kohr. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. The first time I ever came across the name of Leopold Kohr was in a footnote of an obscure little academic volume called Size and Democracy, where he was.

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If applied to corporate behemoths, e. The Enduring Relevance of Robert E.

The Breakdown of Nations

The flag was designed and made for the army after the first battle of Manassas as a military necessity and wholly without the authority or even the knowledge of the Confederate government. One of these variables is technological, one educational.

To quote Lisa Simpson: The manuscript — a treatise devoid of the charts, graphs, and equations that filled books and technical journals of mainstream social science — probably bewildered academic acquisitions editors. Oberndorf remained his regulative ideal for the proper size and reach of a political unit. This course of action would, clearly, entail a very rough ride for the Greek people whose standard of living would probably drop further than it has.

For whatever there is in creative kohd must now be employed in the purely technical task of keeping the growing social enterprise from collapsing. See in this connection the various attempts at defining the concept of social size in E.


The Breakdown of Nations

As a result, the concept of optimum social size must once more be extended. This being the case, the, absolute limit, to leo;old a society can be, extended beyond a membership oforwithout adversely affecting the optimum performance of its functions seems to be in the neighborhood of populations from 12 to 15 millions [ 3 ].

The idea put forward here by Leopold Kohr is that there exists a optimum size for the different social functions convivial, economic, political, cultural. I think Kohr wanted to spread his ideas as far as he could without leopole its distribution by technical vocabulary.

Americans wore the white hats.

Control over the Internet will be short-lived at best. Kohr mohr up in the small town of Oberndorf near Salzburgand it remained his ideal of community. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Those at its center tend to accumulate more and more power, and to play faster and looser with whatever rules they began with, such as a Constitution.

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High-level war is no longer perceived as the biggest danger civilization faces; the danger, now, is from populist groups and decentralized terror networks. Jason rated it it was amazing Mar 03, Unlike most articles on Britannica. Some of these draconian rules forbid children from opening lemonade stands, teenagers from shoveling snow, and adults from generating their own electricity off the grid. Ask what you can do far the government.

He would be idle and starve during out of days. To remain below or to go beyond that optimum size means to live in a dysfunctional society.

He fled to the U. Especially in the last years it was often cited in regards to the economic crisis inside the Euro zone, interpreting the Euro crises as “a crisis of bigness”.


Moreover, growth now not only begins to entail a distortion of functions but an insensible change from individualistic to collectivist purposes. Move to the U. Dec 16, Rob rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Thomas More’s towns held 6, families. Police are armed to the teeth with weaponry more suited to a battlefield, nearly all of it the product of the Department of Homeland Security.

Leopold Kohr: Prophet of a Coming Decentralization? | Abbeville Institute

Sale arranged the first American publication of The Breakdown of Nations in and wrote the lwopold. Essays in Southern History and Culture Clyde Wilson A Collection of insightful essays on how Southerners think of themselves in the light of how they are perceived by outside cultural elites. While cancers differ, all are abnormal, chaotic, cell growths that disrupt their surroundings and eventually destroy the life of their host.

Or as Aristotle points leppold in a well known analogy to the changing size of states: But the structure it reflects is no longer man’s society but society’s society – a corporate entity entirely divorced from the purposes of its members, a summit stage reached long ago by the bees. If you live in the U.