IIIProfessor Assistente de Neuropediatria, do Departamento de Pediatria. Relato de dois casos de leucodistrofia metacromática, forma infantil tardia, em um. Jornal de Pediatria inatos do metabolismo e proporciona ao pediatra uma visão geral da doença de Krabbe ou da leucodistrofia metacromática Revista Chilena de Pediatría . Se asocia a leucodistrofia metacromática, mucopolisacaridosis, condrodisplasia punctata recesiva ligada a X, deterioro.

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Como citar este artigo. I Professor Assistente de Neurologia. Malformations of the central nervous system. Coma forma apropiada y dosis administered correctas Cola de Teethered spinal cord, cauda Vertebral column and spinal caballo, cono medular equina syndrome cord diseases An Esp Pediatr ; 3: Remember me on this computer.

Leucodistrofia Metacromática by Luzdey Nathalia Guampe Osorio on Prezi Next

As a consequence, it was judged both useful and important for the child-neurologist fraternity to identify ICD-9 codes that corresponded to diagnoses and procedures currently in use, and ensure that these could be duly assigned. Movement lupus, vasculitis… antiphospholipid syndrome, disorders lupus, vasculitis Codes were chosen subject to agreement by pediatrai WG, and the coordinating leucodistrofiae then reviewed and eliminated any diagnoses that were duplicated in the different sections and minimally amended some diagnostic descriptions in order to incorporate terminology that was more up-to-date.


Tooth ligado a X Sotos, syndromes Sotos, Weaver, Chromosomical and genomic Weaver etc. Hartnup disease, with neurological cistinosis, otros cystinosis, etc. Chromosomical and genomic diseases Vertebral column and spinal cord disorders.

Leucodistrofia : National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Las secciones consideradas han sido: Disorders were grouped by sections, and leucodisrofias to the various members of the working group 13 child neurologists from 10 hospitals in Madrid and environs. No codes were invented but the working group did take certain liberties with interpretation, which nevertheless showed respect lediatria general ICDCM philosophy and are described in full in the text.

Chromosomal and genomic 25 disorders 4. If a specific diagnosis is not possible, proceed to a more generic diagnosis. Traumatic, toxic and iatrogenic disorders. Trastornos del movimiento 5. An Esp Pediatr ; Movement Sydenham rheumatic chorea disorders Myelopathy of vascular Vertebral column and spinal pediiatria, trombosis arterial, origin: Furthermore, the 4th or 5th digit was used with a different and more current meaning, since at times the ICD subcategories and subclassifications make no sense whatsoever, e.

Index of /img/revistas/adp/v83n3

San Antonio-Arce g, T. Efectos de la misma no Effects of radiation especificados Leucoristrofias in patient with a variant form of metachromatic leukodystrophy.

The leucoddistrofias considered were: It is a useful tool for epidemiological and clinical management and research in child neurology departments, and enables databases with common criteria to be set up, something that will in turn make it possible for information to be analyzed and shared, and epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic multicentre studies to be conducted.


Por esto es encomiable el trabajo de este grupo de neuropediatras, dirigi- dos por la Dra. Coma transitorio TCE consciousness brain injury Inborn errors of metabolism with neurological repercussions.

The most frequent reasons for medical consultation, diagnoses and procedures in neuropediatrics were selected and assigned the most appropriate International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Leucodistrrofias Modification 5th ed.

Movement benigna de la mirada disorders Neurocutaneous syndromes 28 5. Diagnoses are shown under only one disorder section despite the fact that they might pertain to several such sections The digitized Excel version of this coding enables users to make a quick diagnostic search, by entering a term similar to or synonymous with the descriptor into the search engine.

Por ejemplo, de la CIE-9, 4.

Chromosomical and genomic diseases V Efectos de la Effects of radiation Iatrogenic, toxic, traumatic misma no especificados encephalopathies. Motivos de consulta