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The clauses of the collective agreement aimed to encourage the dell of associations of workers in defense of professional interests that modify provisions of the labour law provided that they 27044 not affect standards laid down in protection of the general interest will also be valid. Employees’ representatives may be elected under the following conditions: Maximum number of successive FTCs: Also, the lists submitted must include women according to these minimum percentage and allows for their election.

Notification to workers’ representatives: In case both parties accept it, arbitration awards are legally binding for the parties.

When an employer decides to dismiss a worker for good cause, notice of the fact must be given in writing with a sufficiently clear indication of the grounds invoked for the termination of the contract. The Chairman of the Council is appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the mandate lasts four years. Compensation for unfair dismissal – Legal limits ceiling in months or calculation method: To join the governing body of a trade union, a person is required: If voted by the unanimity of its members, the Board may establish other committees.


When a union representative consists of three or more employees, it will operate as a referee body. For a strike to be legal it is indispensable that a cooling off period of not more than 15 days be observed, during which a conciliation must be tried before the public authority.

Collective labour agreements concluded within a company or group of companies, shall meet the conditions established in the preceding paragraph and shall be submitted to the authority application for registration publication and deposit in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of this Act.

The Law does not stipulate limitations as to the reasons for concluding a contract for a specified period.

Approval by workers’ representatives: When a labour dispute arises between the stakeholders and no solution is reached among them, any of the parties shall inform the administrative authority about the conflict in order to start the compulsory procedure of conciliation. The minimum wage is officially recognized as provided by art.

The Council has four permanent committeesnamely: In Argentina, there is a legal preference for contracts of unspecified duration or “indeterminate contracts” art. Compensation for unfair dismissal – free determination by court: Subject to appropriate sanctions by law, between the breach of these obligations by either party, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security may give public the situation raised through the appropriate media for this purpose.

An enterprise trade union may be granted “trade union status” only when another association holding the “trade union status” does not already operate in the geographical area, or the activity or category concerned.

Employment protection legislation database – EPLex

Social partners that are signatory to the agreement initiate the process. All the terms of a collective agreement collective agreement, upon its expiry, maintain full force until a new collective agreement to replace it is concluded, unless the expired collective agreement had been agreed otherwise.


Where the other party challenges the termination, no changes on the grounds indicated in the notice are permitted art.

Political and economic strikes are permitted and occur frequently in practice. Valid grounds justified dismissal: An employer who orders a worker’s dismissal without good cause must pay the worker compensation equal to: The provisions of collective agreements must comply with the legal regulations governing institutions of labour law, unless the provisions of the Convention relating to each of these institutions will be more favorable to workers, 02744 that affect provisions which protect the public interest.

The main responsibilities of the Council are: However, as arbitration is voluntary any of the parties could refuse it.

Mobile Ebooks Ley De Contrato De Trabajo 20744 Spanish Edition Pdf

d Collective bargaining regulated by this law will be comprehensive of all labour issues that integrate employment, both wage content and other conditions of work, except for the following: Trade Union activities in the bargaining units This principle implies for trabwjo the following rights and obligations: The responsibilities of the Minimum Wage Council are: The formalization of successive fix term contracts exceeding what is foreseen in art.

If such threshold is not reached, the crisis prevention procedure is not compulsory.

The bylaws shall conform to the provisions of Article 8, and contain: