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There is a specific Resolution on physical, chemical, biological, ergonomics and psychosocial hazards that generate risks to the health of pregnant woman or to the development of the fetus. The OSH Law provides for the creation of a national OSH policy and requires the State to formulate, implement and periodically review this policy, lye consultation with the most representative organizations of employers and workers.

Furthermore, there is a Law No.

Labour inspectors have the following rights among others: Labour inspectors can undertake inspection visits. In order to design the OSH Management System, an initial evaluation or baseline study and diagnosis of the state of health and safety at work is performed.

The main OSH law on safety 297883 health at work was passed in and its implementing regulations issued in There is 2978 specific General Directive on stoppage or prohibition to work in case of a serious and imminent risk which must be applied by inspectors. Migrant workers fall under the scope of the definition of worker provided by the law. The participation of workers and their unions is essential in the OSH Management System for the consultation, information and training in all aspects of OSH.

Home workers fall under the scope of the definition of worker provided by the Law. Inspectors have the power to order the stoppage of on-going work or tasks which involve serious and imminent risk to the safety or health of workers, with the support of public force.

The provision says that the evaluation must lley made available to all workers, therefore it must be provided in writing.

In workplaces with less than twenty workers, an OSH supervisor shall ast appointed. However, there is a general provision on compensations establishing that the failure of the employer’s duty to prevent occupational risks generates the obligation to pay compensation to victims.


The functions of the OSH committee are as follows: The employer, in consultation with workers and lwy representatives, must expose in writing the policy on safety and health at work, which must be developed in accordance with the following points: If as a consequence of the deliberate nonobservance of OSH provisions death or serious injury is caused to the worker or to a third person and the responsible person could have foreseen this result, the imprisonment penalty will be from 4 to 8 years in case of death and 3 to 6 in case 2978 serious injury.

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The employer must undertake a risk assessment before the engagement of a teenager. Inspectors can propose sanctioning measures to the Entity which is in task of managing the social insurance when there are social security infringements. National policy Purpose of the national OSH Policy The State is required, in ,ey with the most representative organizations of employers and workers to formulate, implement and periodically review a national OSH policy, which is aimed at preventing accidents and injury to the health occurring during work, by minimizing the causes of hazards inherent to the working environment, as far as it is reasonable and feasible.

Upon termination of the post natal break period, the lactating worker has the ssh to take one hour break from ssy working hours in order to breast feed.

Pérou – 2015

Responsibilities with regard to the national OSH policy The formulation of the national OSH policy referred to in Article 5 shall clarify the roles and responsibilities in terms of occupational safety and health, public authorities, employers, workers and other bodies participating in OSH, taking into sat the complementary nature of these responsibilities.

In any of these cases, the costs shall be borne by the employer. The workers, their representatives and committees members are protected against all acts of hostility or other coercive measures imposed by the employer that arise as sdt result of the performance of their 29738 in the field of safety and health at work.

The Labour Inspectorate has the function to carry out inspection and other duties assigned by the Socio-Legal System. It will be tripartite in nature and attached to the Labour and Employment Promotion Sector. 299783 will be from 1 to 4 years when the offence results from the nonobservance of professional or occupational rules; and from 1 to 6 years when the same event caused several victims.


The person who involuntary causes the death of another person will be punished with a maximum imprisonment of 2 years or by servicing tho the community leg 52 to working days. The employer must ensure the effective usage by workers of personal protective equipment. There is also legislation covering specific OSH aspects: This ssg shall be made available to all workers and trade unions. There is no criminal responsibility in case the death or serious injury is caused because of nonobservance of OSH provisions by the worker.

The employer has the obligation to ensure the safety and health of workers in the performance of all aspects of their work. The employer establishes the measures and instructions to ensure that, in case of an imminent danger that involves a significant risk to the safety and health of workers, they can stop work, and even, if necessary, immediately leave the workplace.

Anyone who carries out a subordinate or autonomous work activities for a private employer or the State.

Employers with more than twenty workers szt establish a committee of safety and health at work, whose functions are defined in the regulations, which is formed of equal numbers of representatives of the employer and the worker.

Employers and medical centres are under the obligation to report occupational accidents, dangerous incidents and occupational diseases to the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion.

However, when rest lej eating areas such as canteens and housing xst provided by the employer, the employer is under a duty to monitor environmental factors and work practices that can affect these facilities. The resources of the National Institute of Health are the following:. Micro, small and medium enterprises and undertakings not realizing high risk activities shall have simplified registers.

The term of appointment is for two years and may be renewable.