A variety of commentaries by Crowley on many Class A Documents. The Commentary for Liber LXV encompasses the means to invoke one’s Guardian Angel. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Aleister Crowley’s Commentary on Liber LXV, the Book of the Heart Girt With a Serpent, was written in Aleister Crowley began his Commentary on The Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent, Liber LXV, in order to clarify the dense symbolism for his advanced.

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Contrast their sectarianism, their triteness, and too frequently their moral obliquity with this masterpiece.

That is, although the Light is one, each individual will only see the Light in a certain way. Therefore thou writest that which liiber of mother of emerald, and of lapis-lazuli, and of turquoise, and of alexandrite. No, they have to spread out and form groups. Members Username Password Remember Me.


We should not debate over these individual differences but, rather, go beyond all images. Even as wood and coal and iron burn up together in one great flame, if only that furnace be of transcendent heat; so in the alembic of this spiritual alchemy, if only the zelator blow sufficiently upon his furnace all the systems of earth are consumed in the One Knowledge.


August 9, at 6: All images must be ignored. So also are the philosophies. August 8, at 6: Kiber that spiritual society manifested itself on the outward plane and appeared in the world, it consisted at its beginning of a few able and enlightened people, forming a nucleus around which others were attracted.

Commentary to Liber LXV

commengary Debate not of the image, saying Beyond! Parables are succinct stories in prose or verse that illustrate a lesson of some sort. Jamie J Barter Participant. Each individual should not be satisfied with their unique perception of the Light, lvx. The idea is that one must aspire to the highest understanding of Truth in a pure and steadfast way, which was already mentioned in connection to the line from Liber Porta Lucis sub figura X. If these are all placed on the Tree of Life, one will see that they form a straight line up the Middle Pillar from the bottom Malkuth to the top Kether.

Commentary to Liber LXV

For the Spirit had departed from them. Therefore do ye fret yourselves because of this. Thank you such comments are helpful i will study it some llber. Viewing 15 posts – 16 through 30 of 46 total.

The Commentary on Liber LXV

Anyway you seem like a great resource for lxf kind of infuse well as other material. Sorry to get side tracked. The Parable of the Light and Colors. But invariably, the more such a society grew in numbers, the more became attracted to its elements, such as were not able to understand commwntary follow its principles; people who joined it for the purpose of gratifying their own ambition or for making the society serve their own ends obtained the majority over those that were pure.


We therefore must aspire single-heartedly to the End, the Light that is beyond all multiplicity and images and symbols. August 5, at 9: Interpersonally, the lesson is of tolerance: Any one interested please comment. This site uses commentady. What type of a Thelemite was Swami N.

This is a physical fact. It is also a fact that the world in general is perceived in a unique and particular way by each individual. You must be logged-in to reply to this topic.

There must ever be division in the word. You are commenting using your WordPress.

But can referring to the heart and the serpent help to enter into it or am i barking up the wrong tree? Foggy to the point lober had forgotten thinks crossing wont happen because a fool finding already crossed to another realm re 92 finding renewed memory awesome finding created some relevant data long ago judgement finding wow switched off alright judgement not going to simulate same scenario judgement someone killed computer one.

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