Transplantation. Jul 27;66(2) Uricosuric effect of the angiotensin II receptor antagonist losartan in heart transplant recipients. Minghelli G(1). This agent promotes uric acid excretion via effects on the organic anion transport The AIIA losartan also produces a uricosuric effect in healthy volunteers. Uricosuric medications (drugs) are substances that increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine, thus reducing the concentration of uric acid in blood plasma. In general, this effect is achieved by action on the proximal tubule of the the uricosurics benzbromarone and losartan had no effect, suggesting these drugs act.

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A novel type of renal hypouricemia. Drugs that reduce blood uric acid are not all uricosurics; blood uric acid can be reduced by other mechanisms see other Antigout medications.

A follow-up study was conducted by the same study investigators which evaluated an additional outcome of urinary acid excretion [ Khan et al. Renal hypouricemia with both drug-insensitive secretion and defective reabsorption of urate: Changes in biochemical parameters at the end of each stage of the study Click here to view.

All patients carried the wild-type SLC22A12 gene. The following search terms were used: J Health Spec ;4: Khan and colleagues conducted a randomized, open-label, prospective, comparative study in which 60 patients with hyperuricemia ranging from 7. None of them had gout or urinary calculi, or were they under treatment with oral antidiabetic agents, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or fibrates.

The effect of angiotensin II receptor blockers on hyperuricemia

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Thus, we postulate that losartan induces a particularly brisk response of BP regardless of Sur values. The ACR Guidelines endorse the use of additional uricosuric agents such as fenofibrate and losartan in combination with xanthine oxidase inhibitors if target urate levels are not met with first-line agents alone [ Khanna et al.

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However, it is still unknown whether the inhibitory effect of losartan on URAT1 contributes to its uricosuric action in humans. Thus, use of these drugs is contraindicated in persons already with a high urine concentration of uric acid hyperuricosuria.

From baseline, fenofibrate reduced serum uric acid levels from 7. Formula and nomogram for the sphygmomanometric calculation of the mean arterial pressure.


Curr Ther Res Clin Exp The URAT1 inhibitor did not modify urate excretion in the URAT1-deficient patients with or without impaired renal function, indicating impaired renal function associated with idiopathic renal hypouricemia did not affect the results of the URAT1 inhibitor loading test. In the hydrochlorothiazide and losartan group, uric acid levels decreased from 8. Studies were excluded that did not explore fractional excretion or serum uric acid as an endpoint, if patients did not have a diagnosis of gout or hyperuricemia at baseline, or if they were non-English language.

Finally, one study in this review explored the safety of losartan on urate nephropathy and determined that losartan did not increase flank pain, hematuria or crystalluria [ Shahinfar et al.

Individuals with a history of secondary hypertension, history of gout and renal lithiasis in the last 2 years, history of malignant hypertension, history of CVA within the last 2 years and history of cardiac arrhythmia were all excluded from this study. This study did not complete a safety analysis [ Elisaf et al.

There were no significant changes in biochemical parameters such as liver enzymes, serum levels of creatinine, sodium and bicarbonate. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. A tribute to Scipione Riva-Rocci.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther URAT1 is the central mediator in the transport of uric acid from the kidney into the losartsn.

Uricosuric – Wikipedia

A venous blood sample was drawn halfway through each clearance phase. This effect of losartan was comparable with the effect of benzbromarone on the renal excretion of urate in hypertensive patients. Finally, when there is dysfunction of the urate transporter ABCG2, it has been found that there is the potential for both renal underexcretion of uric acid and a blockade of lowartan urate excretion, thereby leading to renal urate overload [ Matsuo losargan al.

In conclusion, we demonstrated that the uricosuric action of losartan was abolished in hypertensive patients who carried urivosuric mutations in the URAT1 gene, while in hypertensive patients harboring the wild-type URAT1 gene losartan induced uricosuria, indicating that URAT1 is responsible for the uricosuric action of losartan in humans. Effect of losartan versus candesartan on uric acid, renal function, and fibrinogen in patients with hypertension and hyperuricemia associated with diuretics.

Renal clearance for urate Cur and creatinine Ccr was determined as described elsewhere.


The effect of angiotensin II receptor blockers on hyperuricemia

All the procedures carried out in this study were in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration of as revised in uricosudic It is unclear whether alternative ARBs other than those studied in this review have the same binding potential as losartan. Obesity, weight change, hypertension, diuretic use, and risk of gout in men: Serum uriocsuric acid and cardiovascular disease: J Am Soc Nephrol There are multiple explanations as to why candesartan and irbesartan do not have the same effects as losartan.

In general, uricosuric drugs act on the proximal tubules in the kidneyswhere they interfere with the absorption of uric acid from the kidney back into the blood.

Uric acid in childhood essential hypertension. Interaction of nonpeptide angiotensin II receptor antagonists with the urate transport in rat renal brush-border membranes.

In borderline cases, enough water to produce 2 liters of urine per day may be sufficient to permit use of an uricosuric drug. There were no statistical differences in the pre- and postadministration values between the rffect groups. Uricoeuric studies would be needed to determine if this is the case.

Five hypertensive outpatients with idiopathic renal hypouricemia 49 years old on average, three men and four normotensive outpatients with idiopathic renal hypouricemia all women whose average age was 56 were enrolled for this study. More on this topic A comparison of the efficacy and duration of action evfect candesartan cilexetil and losartan as assessed by clinic and ambulatory blood pressure after a missed dose, in truly hypertensive patients: It has been implied that uric acid would play a role in vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation, nitric oxide synthesis, uricpsuric, local activation of the renin—angiotensin system, and endothelial dysfunction.

Cardiovascular drugs and serum uric acid.


Loss-of-function mutations of URAT1 cause idiopathic renal hypouricemia due to high urinary urate excretion. Overall, ARBs are well tolerated; however, the most common adverse effects include hypotension, hyperkalemia and increased serum creatinine levels [ Taylor et al. As urate levels increase, individuals are at a greater risk for saturation and formation of crystals.