Misc’s anti-bro, bro. Age: 27; Posts: ; Rep Power: UMassBrah has a spectacular aura about. (+). Doing PSMF from Lyle’s Rapid Fat. into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. The Rapid Fat Loss Diet is a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) that. But in some of the forum discussions, PSMF and Lyle’s Rapid Fat Loss diet have been used somewhat interchangeably (right or wrong).

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As my own body lype into a place with relatively low body fat, I noticed that weight loss really slows down even while on a deficit.

Protein-sparing modified fast

I was pmsf hungry and craved all of the carbs. Months spent dieting is hard on our hormones. Yes, there is certainly a hierarchy of whats most important and those things you stated are certainly up there, but there are a variety of other factors involved.

But don’t we want protein to be used for muscle building and necessary bodily functions exclusively? I caved, breaking my vow to remain steely in the midst of my difficult yet completely self-imposed discomfort.

The diet, if you can maintain it and do everything right, does work. Yet she did absolutely nothing extreme to get those results. IRC Other related subreddits Logo by: The conversation stopped being about psmf as soon as the guy said fats were essential to hormone balance. I understand how the keto diet works, but that doesn’t change the human body’s fundamental needs.


Retrieved November 13, You are most likely to eat around calories in a PSMF diet. It is not a minor detail it is the detail. My coach also monitored me every step of the way, yet still had to help me work through a little mental anxiety after it was all done.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You said only retards don’t eat any fat or carb but thats the point of psmf. This subreddit is a community where those interested in the sport as defined here can share their opinions and experience as well as the science of the sport.

protein sparing modified fast lyle mcdonald – Optimising Nutrition

She also learned to deadlift, squat, and went from 0 chin ups to 2. I aint even mad. At best, a seasoned pro can use them to manipulate their physique or scale weight for a day or two. As for my final result? I disagree, I think you’re too fixated on the minor details. Or a refeed after 7 days followed by another 7 days.

Breaking the Fast The alarm sounded for my 4 a. But first, an idea gnawed at me. Modern medically-supervised PSMF diets are safer. Yes, there is a cost. He recommended every 3 days for advanced athletes, and once a lype for intermediates. Views Read Edit View history. The only way to really lose fat is to consume fewer calories than you burn.


Originally Posted by blacksmith Additionally, your leptin levels play a large role in how much testosterone your body synthesizes. Whether you eat fats or carbs or micros or whatever is all optional but highly recommended unless you wanna feel like dogshit.

It just explains the methodology in a fairly succinct manner.

Got a bit too fat for my liking but got plans to continue bulking so decided a quick aggressive cut would be perfect. Depends on your BF. Most information I’ve seen is either anecdotal or on the obese, so I agree it would be nice to see some proper studies done pzmf physically active people.

My personal thoughts are that the cheating makes life harder, the more you do it, the more you wanna. This is not everything. Take a diabetic glucose pill as a pre workout so your ly,e don’t suffer and only do 2 full body workouts per week. I did refeed after day Wish I had the will power to do it. On day 1, my energy was fine.

On top of that, all the cardio was taking the emphasis out of lifting and making me hungrier. BantamBasher Facebook page but why???