GUIDELINES USING MATLAB. ®.,. Simulink. ®., and Stateflow. ®. Version MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board. (MAAB). July 27 th. All versions of the Architectural Access Board’s regulations ( CMR) – Present. The MAAB Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines (MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board)[3] is a well established set of publicly available rules for modeling.

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This method is allowed if the base icon is distinguishable. Use of the Switch block. Pointers in Stateflow ID: Use of unary minus on unsigned integers in Stateflow ID: State machine patterns for conditions Equivalent Functionality State Gidelines Pattern Up to three conditions, short form: Position of labels for signals and busses.

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Simulink patterns for If-then-else-if constructs. Bitwise Stateflow operators ID: Check transition actions in Stateflow charts. No active subsystem ifFUNC not equal to mab or 2. Check visibility of block port names.

Check Trigger and Enable block names. Use of local language in Simulink and Stateflow ID: Exception A logical expression may contain more than two primary expressions if both of the following are true: Models should be built only from these blocks.


Maab Guidelines – Free Download PDF

Grouping data flows into signals Vector type Size Position vector based on 2D coordinates [1 2] Position vector based on 3D coordinates [1 3] Some examples of bus signals include: Use the following patterns for vector signals within a Simulink model: We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

Triggered, enabled, conditional Subsystems ID: Flowchart patterns for loop constructs The preceding guidelines illustrate sample patterns used in flow charts.

Use of merge blocks ID: If the signal label is visible in the originating block icon display, the connected signal does not need to have the label displayed, unless the signal label is needed elsewhere due to a destination-based rule.

Usable characters for Subsystem names. Display of labels on signals Giudelines Format of entries in a State block Incorrect Failed to start a new line after en, du, and ex.

Check usage of Relational Operator blocks. Flowchart patterns for conditions Equivalent Functionality Flowchart Pattern Conditions that are visually separated: The most common example of a vector signal is sensor or actuator data that is grouped into an array indexed by location.


Check for unconnected ports and signal lines.

Model Advisor Checks for MAAB Guidelines – MATLAB & Simulink

Consider using Simulink Signal logging and Mqab and Scope Manager for data logging and viewing requirements. Consistent software environment ID: Use of Subsystems ID: When possible, use zero-based indexing to improve code efficiency. The automated translation of this page is provided by a general purpose third party translator tool.

Unconnected signals, block inputs and block outputs. Use of only standard library blocks.

Subsystems connected in a feed-forward and feedback loop have at least one signal line for each direction.