The Yaskawa / Magnetek GPD /G5 Sine-Coded Pulse Width Modulated AC Motor Drive generates an adjustable voltage/frequency three phase output for. TTThhhooommmpppsssooonnn CCCooo RRReeellleeeaaassseeeddd /// /// 2. Magnetek GPD AC Drive Start Up and Adjustment Guide. Magnetek G5 GPD | Drives | NEW IN STOCK | CALL or Click for Quote.

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Connect the Remote Mount Resistor Unit to the drive and to external 5115 circuitry according to the chart at right and Figure A A straight length of wire moves through a uniform magnetic field. A Selection for OL Protection Operation Selection at Speed Deviation Factory setting: Output Frequency Motor 2 Mid.

The drive can accept many types of encoder feedback. Short term OL2 — OL2 occurs in 2 seconds when 5115 frequency is 6 Hz or less and in current limit approx.

Enabled – Output voltage limit and slip compensation are enabled above base speed 1 0, 1 0 — — A A 5. Apply power to the drive, but do N O T apply a run command. Factory settings in ggpd parentheses are values obtained at a 3-wire initialization.

It takes continuous life cycle management to make price leadership a sustainable.

Surplus Magnatek – GPD at

A Output Frequency Max. The operation depends on the set value. The corresponding action the drive will take is dependent upon the setting of L magentek – 0 3 maggnetek below. Frequency Reference Loss Detection Factory setting: See Appendix 1 for listing of U 1 – X X parameters. This feature can be selected to operate over a wide range of conditions. Use of external Jog input is selected by setting data ” 6 “, ” 12 “, or ” 13 ” in one of the parameters H 1 – 0 1 thru H 1 – 0 6.


Stop mode selection possible H thru H Please enter a valid ZIP Code. As shown in the example below, a multi-function input selects between motor 1 and motor 2. Sets the slip compensation gain, in increments of 0. The effective DC injection time and current should be g;d to provide adequate stopping without excessive motor heating.

Remove drive front cover. Enable reverse operation hpd Excessive droop, which results in a significant difference between the speed reference and the speed feedback, may activate a Speed Deviation D E V fault.

FWD Lights when Forward motor run has been selected. Power is removed from the Drive.

Remove the Remote Mount Resistor Unit cover to access its terminal block. Watch list is full. If L 2 – 0 1 is set to ” 2 “, a ” U V ” alarm is displayed during power loss, and no fault signal is output at any multi-function output that is programmed for a fault. This magnetsk lengthens decel ramp time whenever the drive goes into current limit during a deceleration.

Motor Stopping Method Selection Factory setting: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Torque Detection Selection 1 L 6 – 0 4: If Stop is initiated while the HOLD command is present, the prohibit state is cancelled and the system enters stop operation.


Order in the next 5 hours and 35 minutes. Selects forward or reverse operation. When programmed in H, terminal 14 input is added to the terminal 13 frequency reference.

REV Lights when Reverse motor run has been selected. Braking Start Frequency Factory Setting: To access jumper plugs, pgd plexiglass cover. When the output current goes below the value set in L 3 – 0 6acceleration begins, up to the set frequency. Selectable Functions Multi-step speed operation 9 steps max. Each is set, in increments of 0.

Chart Chart Chart Chart 6. The output is then held at that frequency for the duration of the dwell time at stop b 6 – 0 4.

Yaskawa GPD 515/g5 Model Cimr-g5m25p5 Gpd515c-a025 25p51f MAGNETEK 515 G5

Will change with control method. For Classroom Use Only! Dwell Time at Start Factory setting: When drive output current is lower than the set value of b 3 – 0 2speed search is complete and acceleration or deceleration is continued at the normal rate C 1 – X X to set frequency. Press the key once. The following tables list all parameters in numerical order. Attach the Remote Mount Resistor Unit, maintaining a minimum 1.

For methods of changing of parameter settings, see Section 4.