2 Revised Edition (Concordance of the Bible, Volume 2) [Mandelkern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Hebrew/English Concordance of. Mandelkern’s great contribution to Jewish scholarship is his monumental Bible concordance Heikhal ha-Kodesh (, ; abridged edition, Tavnit Heikhal, . Results 1 – 8 of 8 Concordance of the Bible Vol. 1 Revised Edition by Solomon Mandelkern and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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With words that are frequently used, only citations are given; the verse-fragment is not given. This is one of the most useful features of A New Concordance. Drawn to secular studies in the early s, Mandelkern began to send articles to the Hebrew press. In he visited the United States; he returned to Leipzig inand was visiting Vienna when he suddenly became ill and died in the Jewish hospital of that city. Where should personal names be listed? The Ten Commandments – A new translation A new translation with a commentary anthologized from talmudic, midrashic and rabbinic sources Price: The exhausting labor that Mandelkern devoted to the concordance undermined his mental and physical health, and in his later years he had to be hospitalized frequently.

Mandelkern, Solomon

Which very common words or particles e. The Even-Shoshan concordance provides a massive amount of information on each word in the Hebrew Bible. The degree of Ph. While this may seem like a serious impediment for people who do not read Modern Hebrewin fact, it is not.

He also became increasingly interested in the theory and practice of spiritualism. Mandelkern was a prolific writer in several languages, especially in Hebrew, in which he produced poetical works of considerable merit. However, A New Concordance can be immensely helpful if one knows how to use it. The Name of God.


Goshen-Gottstein 7 and H. Jewish Writers at Their Cobcordance, as in the first of the successful series, Heartbeats, we see more than a story Price: For example, if you wanted to know how and where the expression of Exodus Suggested Reading Author Translation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even-Shoshan gives you a basic definition or madnelkern in Modern Hebrew of every word in the Hebrew Bible. Should the citation be vocalized or unvocalized? Sefer ha-Shanah4— Here are a few tips to help you manage A New Concordance: Even-Shoshan lists all of the places where a word is found in the Hebrew Bible. Retrieved from ” https: These listings are not always accurate.

Mandelkern subsequently studied Oriental languages at St. Find more information about at the Center for Jewish History: Publisher unknown, Russian Empire.

Salomon Mandelkern

And technically, it is just a collection of words and phrases. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Mandelkrrn of its newness, many scholars report that it still has a few errors here and there, although most errors have been corrected in revised editions.

He also studied Semitic languages at the University of St. It adheres to the following principles: InMandelkern was ordained as a state rabbi, and afterward pursued three academic degrees: A New Concordance of the Bibleby Abraham Even-Shoshan was first published inand has subsequently concordanxe in various editions, some of which have an introduction in English.

  JBL 2445 PDF

Olomeinu Tradition Mishpacha Horizon. Medal of Freedom Recipients. The numbers of this section refer to pages and columns. The verses are numbered and expressions are often collected using a numerical key. A concordance is a tool which brings together similar words words that “concord” under a single heading. Each entry contains a short lexical discussion in modern Hebrew. Rather, these numbers can also be found in the sections that indicate particular forms of a word or common phrases in which the word is often used.

Solomon Concordannce About this title: This mwndelkern one of the most useful aspects of A New Concordance and can save massive amounts of time when doing a word study.

Salomon Mandelkern – Wikipedia

The Metsudah Shavuos Reader: Mandelkern expended great mental and physical efforts producing his works and soliciting buyers for his concordance, even traveling to the U. Concordances A concordance is a tool which brings together similar words words that “concord” under a single heading. He drew materials from the Bible, Jewish history, as well as from such current events as pogroms in Russia.

These sections will give you information on how Even-Shoshan orders his concordance, including the system he uses to order each and every entry. This is what makes A New Concordance a concordance after concodance He was educated as a Talmudist. For frequently-occurring words, Even-Shoshan will only give you the scriptural reference.